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I am a business student by day and a blogger by night. I lead two different lives, which I find exciting and it makes my more colorful. I escape at the end of the day to my blog where I write movie and book reviews and make videos on fashion. I spent a summer working as a journalist for a national newspaper wherein I wrote straight news in the day while writing creatively for the lifestyle section at night or on the weekends depending on the events. I learned the difference between writing in the school and for a national newspaper and I also learned the difference between writing straight news from news that I write for events. Being able to distinguish those differences helped me when I wrote my stories. It made it easier and I adapted well. I am hoping to land a job writing for fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elle, InStyle, etc... But I do intend to go back to my home country and start a business of my own, which I know can be a challenge and I’m willing to take that risk.

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