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“Some people see retail as just a job. But at Asda, it’s a career that can take you all over the world.”



Joseph is currently Andrew Moore’s (Chief Merchandising Officer) Project Manager. As someone who is passionate about Asda and Retail, he was promoted into the role nine months after joining the Trading Graduate Scheme. Before the programme, Joseph did a 12-month student placement at Asda while at university. We believe Joseph’s a real advert for careers in British food retail to young people, both inside and outside of our organisation.


Asda Graduate Scheme


Joseph started on the Trading Graduate Scheme in September 2014. He was one of six successful candidates from thousands of people who applied. The two-year scheme offers graduates in-depth training at the Asda Academy on all aspects of retail. And it has a particular focus on everything trading, from accounts, legal issues and leadership to people management and technical training.


Joseph’s first role on the Graduate Scheme was as a Buying Assistant in Ready Meals. After nine months, Joseph was presented with an opportunity that does not occur often in British retail. He was asked to become the Project Manager for Andrew Moore, Chief Merchandising Officer and member of the Executive Board.


Joseph’s Thoughts…


“Being on the Asda Graduate Scheme gives you opportunities that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. Nine months into my initial graduate role, I was promoted to Project Manager for our Chief Merchandising Officer, Andrew Moore. Being offered the job was a true honour. I’m supporting someone who isn’t just a business leader in the UK, but also in world retail because of Asda’s connection with Walmart.


Helping Andrew on a day-to-day basis allows me to see all aspects of our business, including General Merchandise, fashion with George and, of course, food – the core element of Asda.

Having an opportunity like this at such an early stage in my career wouldn’t have been possible without the Graduate Scheme. I’m now able to really shape and round my future in retail. The Graduate Scheme also allowed me to develop my passion of the industry into real knowledge and understanding. Of course, experience is important, but Asda give you the tools to truly develop your career.


People often see working in retail as just a job. But it’s the complete opposite at Asda. It’s a career that can take you all over the world and see you become involved in so many different aspects of business. I’ve only been here for nine months, and I’ve come a long way in a short space of time. With Asda being a real advocate of recognising talent, the graduate scheme is a great springboard for your career.


For me, it’s an amazing achievement to support the Chief Merchandising Officer. It’s an opportunity that I’ve taken with both hands. And I’d have to say, it’s been one of my highlights since graduating.

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