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How to make money as a student by selling clothes for cash


It’s not easy being a student. With rent prices skyrocketing, travel and food costs increasing, not to mention keeping up with the social side of being a student, your budget can fly right out the window!

With a part time job proving difficult to balance alongside lectures, seminars and, dare we say, hangovers, one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of extra money can be by selling your unwanted clothes. This quick little earner doesn’t have to be time-consuming depending on which method you choose so below we’ve rounded up some of the top ways to monetise your unloved wardrobe items.

  1. eBay


It goes without saying that eBay is one of the most popular ways to sell previously owned items. Although they take a 10% cut, there will always be someone somewhere that will buy what you’re selling which means stuff is easy to shift. Be sure to use keywords in your title and description to help people find your items in the results pages and be as efficient with the buyer as you can. This means providing good imagery, responding to buyers’ emails and sending items out in good time.


  1. Car Boot Sales

Sociable and complete with a buzz, car boot sales can be great way to earn money from clothes you no longer wear. They normally cost between £5-£15 to enter for traders and you have to be prepared to arrive early – no staying out the night before! Clothes are a top seller at car boot sales so check online for your nearest one, take a rail and set up shop. Buyers are there to grab a bargain, so allow some flexibility on your prices as they will haggle with you. Steer clear of other stalls in case you are tempted to buy and if you don’t have a car, ask a friend who does if they’d like to come along and sell some of their items too!

  1. Cash for Clothes Companies

Try researching your local area to see if there are any businesses that take clothes in exchange for cash. The price does vary with each company, but many will offer £5 for a 10kg bag which can also include bags, belts and footwear. You may not see a huge profit but if you’re a little on the idle side and don’t mind shoving everything into a bag and getting rid of it, consider this an option for you!

  1. Instagram


Many sellers have taken to social media site Instagram to sell their unwanted clothes online. Using the hashtag #ShopMyCloset, sellers post images of their items and allow others to bid in the comments section either with prices or by providing their email address. As there is no formal payment method, it is advised to use PayPal to make sure you, as the seller, are protected.


  1. Threadflip


Finally, Threadflip is an app you can use to upload images of your clothes and submit to the site for buyers. Once an item is purchased, Threadflip will send a prepaid USPS shipping label to you for you to ship the item on to the buyer. However if this sounds too complex, you can choose Threadflip’s full service where they will send a box out to you to fill with your saleable items. They price and list them for you and then you receive 60% of the total profit when the items are sold. Handy right?

These are just a few of the ways you can trade in your clothes for cash, just beware when selling your clothes online or at a car boot, that you don’t turn from a seller into a buyer! If you are unsure of how to price your items; use other sellers’ similar products as a rough guide or try our wardrobe calculator to give an estimate of how much your wardrobe is worth.

India is a Content Executive at River Island who owns too many clothes and spends too much time thinking about them. Her interests include fashion, music, sport and food so if you can’t find her at the gym or on the high street, she’s probably in Nandos with a Chicken Pitta.



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