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Graduate Profiles: Emma @ Cobham



Emma Gillanders,

Keele University,
BSc Mathematics (Hons)


The Cobham Graduate Development Programme attracted me because of its dynamic structure, particularly the idea of rotations between disciplines and departments. I liked the idea of being able to control my career path and gain a wide breadth of knowledge whilst on the programme.


My first placement was with Cobham Technical Services, where I worked on a highly novel millimetre-wave radar system. I was involved in the test and measurement phase of the project, which required me to perform an extensive measurement campaign along with statistical analysis of collected data. This experimental process was critical to the success of the project as it helped our understanding of the phenomenology of radar signatures at mm wave frequencies. This programme has advanced the state-of-the-art in millimetre-wave technology, which will help open up further business opportunities for Cobham.


My second placement was within Cobham Avionics and Surveillance division working for the vice president of finance. During this placement I was given the opportunity to work on financial reporting, budget tracking and the analysis of financial performance. This placement gave me great exposure working at a high level of the business and gave me a great understanding of Cobham’s size and diversity.


I am currently working on a project across the whole of the Cobham group that will standardise Cobham’s processes and ways of working. I have been given a great deal of responsibility and have been given milestones that will affect the entire project if they are not achieved. It is fantastic that my input is so well respected which in turn gives me an immense amount of satisfaction.


I am thoroughly enjoying the Graduate Development programme and I have learnt a vast amount in just over a year with Cobham. It has been a fantastic opportunity and a great start to the beginning of my career!


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