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A Job With Travel Opportunities?.. 5 reasons why you should pick one


So you’ve graduated and those three or four long years have finally come into fruition. Now it’s time for the next scary step… that of getting a ‘proper’ job and finally entering the professional market with your in-demand skillset.


As soon as you begin exploring the market you’ll likely find that all of those rumours about a lacklustre jobs market, and restricted positions, are seemingly all but a myth. And then the next thought that you may have is just how you’ll manage to choose between what can be thousands of job prospects.


Whilst we wouldn’t want to add to your already crowded range of choices, here we want to tell you why you should choose a job that allows you to travel over and above the jobs that would see you based within a single location.

  1. Because you may have graduated, and you may have a ‘proper job now’ but that doesn’t mean that the run of the mill rat race is for everyone

Who says that now that you have your degree that you have to join a 9 to 5 company within the local area? What’s more you’ve likely gotten used to your university town the prospect of returning home once more to settle into a dull daily routine may seem rather depressing, so consider a job that will take you from region to region, rather than returning you back home.

  1. Because life experiences come from exploring different cultures, cities and regions

Travel provides rich life experiences, from meeting new people onto exploring new countries or regions and through to learning about new cultures.

What’s more travelling from country to country, or even from region to region throughout the UK, within a respectable position looks pretty awesome on the CV (that is if you ever wish to settle down within one area after all of that exciting travel!).

  1. Because jobs that are based here there and everywhere generally come with rather attractive accommodation options

Job positions that require travel are usually far from careers filled with moving from one hovel like accommodation to the next and within the graduate market spending extended periods away from home needn’t be without your creature comforts. To this end serviced apartments continue to grow in popularity, providing those away from home with an affordably suave base, which for long-term placements Portland Brown, who provide serviced apartments in London, actually advise taking as an alternative to conventional hotels in order to save money.

  1. Because this is a time in your life that you are free from responsibility, ties and financial constraints

As a fresh graduate you are likely at a point in your life where you are free from financial constraints, such as mortgages and other forms of finance. What’s more now is the time where you can travel without a family to worry about. So be sure to at least consider the possibility of a job that allows you to travel. Here are some great countries for expats.

  1. Because they are (generally) better paid

Job positions that involve travel generally benefit from higher salaries and even where you may be based in some far flung and rather exotic location a boosted salary for being away from home remains a common feature.


So, as you can see there are numerous positives of travelling for work after graduation – consider it & travel!

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