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Prep prep prep, and prep prep again! by Michael Ham


The job market is getting more and more competitive, but you’ve made it through to the next stage, and having already patted yourself on the back you find yourself asking, “My CV and cover letter worked, so now what?” The answer to that is Simple. Prep, prep prep and prep prep again! and here’s how in 5 simple steps.

Step 1 – Do it again – You’ve probably done this step already and that’s research the company, otherwise you wouldn’t have applied for the job. However now’s the time to do so in more detail. Be sure to have a look at their clients, past projects, and even stalk the social media to have a look at their latest news and developments. Doing all this further increases your confidence.

Step 2 – Practice makes perfect – Every interview is different, yet similar to others. The easy way to come around this is to not practice your questions. For example if you’ve practiced your key strengths and weaknesses long enough then you can easily apply them to answer almost any question. Also be sure to have past examples and skills to back up a point you make.

Step 3 – Suit Up – Consider this step an opportunity to take a break from practicing questions as you need to look the part. Does what you’re planning to wear fit correctly? Polish up your shoes and make sure that accessories are subtle. Dressing one level above the job shows that you have desire to succeed.

Step 4 – Stay Calm – Remember to take your time answering questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for a moment to think about an answer. Especially during those curve ball questions designed to test your creativity and how you handle working under pressure. One classic curve ball is: “if you were an object, animal super power etc. what would you be and why?” If you can answer that correctly, creatively and calmly then you’re more than ready.

Step 5 – Ask the dreaded question! – It is important that you ask questions at the end to show that you are interested, so be sure to have at least 5 ready. Here’s one to help you. “Am I the right candidate you are looking for?” Not only does this help you relax after the interview as you know if you’re likely to succeed or not, but by asking this question you are opening the interview up to more discussion. Use this question to back track to skills and examples you have missed out.

So there you go, some steps to a successfully plan for an interview, so remember prep prep prep, and prep prep again!

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Mike Ham Mike Ham

Having just graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester, with a 2:1 in Media Production BSc (Hons) I hope to begin a career within the media industry, or use my blogging and copy writing skills to help with a marketing position. Before I came to University, I had no skills or knowledge of media production. However once the basics were covered I soon found myself accelerating within different parts of media production. By producing creative videos for clients within and outside University, I was able to grasp my key skills in script work, story boarding, filming, editing, DVD authoring and publishing through new media online.

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