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Suit up! by Michael Ham


With Christmas and the New Year and all its festivities in and out of uni out of the way, you might find yourself dwelling on the next few weeks with coursework and exams to revise for. However it is important to stay positive and think of what lies ahead… suiting up!

After all of the hard work isn’t it great that you get so many events planned for you to celebrate your achievements. Whether that be volunteering, with a society and of course academically.

Volunteering is something I’ll never forget. Putting many hours into helping those in need. For me I mentored a child in care, helping him stay positive and being there for him to talk to. When I found out that an event with the theme of Great Britain, was to be put on to celebrate volunteers commitment, and that participants from the community and projects were to attend it was a happy moment for myself and all the other volunteers. I remember inviting my friends along, who had also done some volunteering, and we all suited up in red or blue attire. A lot of photos were taken that night with chocolate fountains and strawberry’s, poses with the phone booths and Charlie Chaplin statue, and many more. We were taking the moment in enjoying what we and others had achieved as well as feeling positive about the joy and pleasure we had brought to the community.

Was this the last time to suit up and enjoy our hard work? NOPE! A few days later was the Society Awards! I was part of the theatre society and well, you can imagine the excitement of our group. Again everyone was suited up looking so smart and enjoying the moment reflecting back on their time in the society as for some, like myself, it was one of the last times together. This moment was extra special for us all as it was the first time Societies were recognised with an awards event celebrating their year. We attended a really elegant venue with chandeliers and were treated to a three course meal and drinks. I remember everybody cheering all the societies achievements, and thought it couldn’t get any better to round off the year…

But it did.  The moment we all wait for… Graduation. A time to never forget. Everyone looking dapper in their robes, and not to forget the mortars! Students and parents smiling away at the camera. But also looking up, because there certainly will be be a few of mortar boards falling from the air. I remember thinking how awesome everyone looked but at the same time how hot it was in the blazing sun! Still, this was all put aside once our names were read out and we collected our degrees. Cheers from friends and family roaring us on.

So if you ask me, was the hard spell of work during the post Christmas and New Years blues worth it? Hell yes it was! Suit up, mark your moment for days you’ll never forget.

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Mike Ham Mike Ham

Having just graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester, with a 2:1 in Media Production BSc (Hons) I hope to begin a career within the media industry, or use my blogging and copy writing skills to help with a marketing position. Before I came to University, I had no skills or knowledge of media production. However once the basics were covered I soon found myself accelerating within different parts of media production. By producing creative videos for clients within and outside University, I was able to grasp my key skills in script work, story boarding, filming, editing, DVD authoring and publishing through new media online.

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