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How to Make the Most out of Your Freshers Year

  1. Chat Around– It may seem cliché, but everyone you meet in freshers is just like you, away from home and not knowing anyone. The way to make the most out of your University experience is to get to know people. Some of the people you meet can help you find a job, become your best friends, or in the worst case scenario, be really, really annoying. But you don’t know until you try.
  2. Try Out Clubs and Societies– Most Universities offer a trial period for different sport clubs and societies. There are two types of groups- social and sport. Whereas some of the sports groups may have strict entry requirements or a long waiting list, anyone is welcome at the social groups. Seriously, you can join the real ale society without liking ale, you can become a Harry Potter enthusiast without having watched or read it, the possibilities are endless. You don’t always have to pay the year membership; sometimes you can just pay for separate sessions to see whether you enjoy the activity. So you may just end up with a new hobby or just a new experience you would never repeat.
  3. Be Yourself– Ok so we just got even more cliché, but I have a relevant point. Often there is pressure to hold back in new situations to gain friends. However, I urge you to be yourself. I guarantee no matter how weird you are, or quirky there will always be one person who is just like you and has the same tragic dance moves.
  4. Take all the Trips– University is an experience. You have to make the most of it. If they are offering you a trip, get the money together and go. You might never get the chance again. I went on fresherdam (Amsterdam trip) with my housemates and saw so much, it was worth it.
  5. Get Involved in Charity Events– Most universities have an extensive charity department. You can do anything from bucket shaking to adventures. One option is to Escape and Evade, this is where you raise money then try and get as far away from the university as you can in one weekend without paying for transport (my team made it to Poland). Some Universities offer trips to places you couldn’t imagine going to, mountain climbing, school building, there is no end to the amount of things you could do.
  6. Create a LinkedIn– Think about the future and start getting together sites and ideas now. If you start a LinkedIn you can keep in contact with all the people you meet and look at where they work. This can present job opportunities and also connect you to the relevant trades.
  7. Get Your Degree– In the end, you can party every night, go on every trip and join every society, but it is worthless if you haven’t also done the work. University is a waste of money without the degree at the end of it. But don’t just ignore the opportunities, learn how to juggle. And enjoy.

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Rebecca Rowley

Hi, I’m Bex and I like to write. I have a Bsc in Communications and Media (so Facebook) and I’m currently doing my Masters in Creative Writing. My main obsessions are Coca Cola, films and quoting random lines, reading books and pretending the jokes are my own to my group of friends and writing stories. As the eternal student (four years), I have experienced pretty much everything University can throw at me, from roller skates, to Amsterdam, to Escape and Evade and of course graduation with Harry Potter capes.

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