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Becoming a Brand Ambassador


Becoming a Brand Ambassador could do you the world of good at University and lead to much greater things – even a great career!

It’s is an extremely important role and can gain you significant credit with peers and prospective employers.  Naturally, the larger and more corporate employers use brand ambassadors to spread the word on campus so you’ll be expected to be well connected and in active in the right societies and networks.

As a Brand Ambassador you’ll be responsible for representing the image of the company/organisation so you’ll need to choose which brands you’d prefer to represent – choose either an organisation you’re passionate about…or a prospective future employer J

A typical day in the life of a Brand Ambassador could take many forms but could involve simple things such as lecture shout outs, flyering or putting up posters.  Some clients and campaigns we’ve delivered, include more guerrilla marketing methods which can make things a little more interesting.

More and more clients of ours are looking for BA’s that can write articles and contribute via social networks and blogs so the more followers & friends you have could be a distinct advantage.

Being a BA isn’t for everyone but it can enhance your skills, improve your communication & networking abilities and even set you up for a future career.  Oh, and you’ll earn some good hard cash to fund those nights out.


We’re always looking for more brand ambassadors to work on our brand or to represent leading organisations.  If you’d like to join the team email

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