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8 Tips on Scoring Your First Job as a Fresh Grad


Good job! You have successfully completed your graduation with flying colors. It’s now time to step into the practical life and fulfill your long awaited dreams: getting a well-paid job.

With this said, scoring a lucrative employment right after leaving the university isn’t going to be easy. For starters, you lack field experience, you don’t have proven expertise in any area, you are still green and, finally, you have high expectations in regards to salary.

Nevertheless, following are some ways you can open door to limitless opportunities and find yourself the best employment you’ve always wanted.

Build an Impressive Resume

Creating an awe-inspiring resume is a quite difficult task. Start the resume with an attention grabbing objective that can compel the headhunter to skim the rest of your profile. Provide complete academic qualifications, and a list of all achievements, personals traits, skills and abilities, interests etc. To make your resume more impressive, co-relate your skills with the job requirements.

Expand Your Social Network

These days, social media portals are the best mediums to connect to prospective employers. Add people to your profile from the corporate sector whom you think can assist you in finding a good job. People from corporate sector can also update you about the new and upcoming job opportunities that are going to be announced in the job market. Also, stay in connection with other passed out students of your university, as they might be now sitting on good designations in well-renowned organizations. They can also better guide and assist you in your job search.

Create Your Own Blog

Build your own blog according to your skills and expertise. This way it will be easier for the people of a corporate sector to find your name in the treasure trove through internet. They can make a call for the interview if they like your skills and expertise. Moreover, if you are dropping your resume yourself in any organization, then don’t forget to mention your blog so that they evaluate your skills then and there.

Join HR Counseling Centers

HR Counseling centers and offices have many available organizations where they can refer you. Therefore, it is probably a better idea to send your CV to them so they can refer you to a job or workplace that complements your skills and expertise. These counseling centers can also provide you with useful advices and tips for your career.

Seek Opportunities in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has an extensive list of groups and communities where you can find people posting job opportunities every now and then. Join those groups and leverage them to find yourself a suitable employment.

Learn To Make Impressions

As a newbie job hunter you must be fully aware of the importance of first impression. People first recognize you by your looks then by the words you speak. Therefore, you need to be well-dressed for the interview. Avoid wearing tight and modish clothes. Instead, sport simple and formal dressing as it looks more graceful in offices.

Be Yourself and Be Sincere

As you might have heard many people saying, ‘Fake it till you make it’, don’t fake to the extent you can’t make. Just be yourself and respond to the questions of the interviewer with complete sincerity.

Be Persistent

Remember that failure or rejection is just a part of our life, a reality that you must not run away from. There will be time when you might face continuous rejections. Just don’t give up or don’t get discourage, no matter what. Keep trying no matter how many times you get rejected. Try to bring improvement in your skills and abilities. Identify your weaknesses through those experiences and try to overcome in future so that you may ace your next interview.


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