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I’ve Finished University! What’s Next?


Handing in my final university assignment was the best feeling because I know that I am finally done. I can relax. The graduate festivities will begin soon, starting with the graduate ball and then the ceremony in July that marks the end of my university journey. But I feel like I can’t relax just yet.
I keep asking myself, what’s next?

There are very few people that leave university with a guaranteed job at the end of it and many students find jobs that are completely irrelevant to the degree that they have spent the last three years studying. I think I will fall into the second category of students. I’m trying to find any job, in any sector, so that I can earn some money whilst I figure out my next step.

I have been job hunting since the beginning of third year and I have found nothing. How hard is it to find a job that I can use my talent as a writer? Very! A lot of the jobs such as copywriters and proofreaders want me to have experience in that particular field, but how can I have experience when I have spent the last three years of my life studying for a degree? It’s so frustrating!

Finishing university is a daunting time for any student because the people around us expect us to use the knowledge we have gained whilst studying to help us take that first step on the career ladder, but what if the step isn’t there? I really don’t know what I want to do next and although I am panicking inside, I’m trying to tell myself that it’s going to be okay.

I will get a job. I will be happy. I will find a job that is perfect for me. But for now, I am enjoying the breathing space. I no longer have deadlines coming out of my ears and I can finally spend some time alone and really think about my future.

I think that all students should take a step back when they finish their university course and look back at the past three years of your life and feel proud. You may not know what your next definite step will be in life but the answers will come, you just have to wait. In the meantime, I’m going to have a well deserved rest and be proud of my accomplishments.

I’ve finished university! All my hard work has paid off and in a few short months I will be punching the air with my degree in my hand and that will definitely replace the worry I am feeling now about my future, with a feeling of joy and success.


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Emma-Jane Barlow Emma-Jane Barlow

My name is Emma-Jane Barlow and I am currently in my last year at Edge Hill University where I am studying Creative Writing. During the past three years I have found my voice as a writer and I am now looking to find my place in the industry. One day I hope to be a novelist and see my book sitting on a Waterstones shelf. In the meantime, I am working as a freelance writer alongside my studies. In my spare time I make my way through the unread section of my bookshelf, drink lots of coffee and try to stay sane as I write two novels. My brain never stops spinning and my fingers never stop typing. Some may say I am crazy, but I’m a writer, I live for the insanity.

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