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Although us students can often feel as if the whole world is against us due to the twenty-four hour partying, “Skins”-Esq. raves and baked bean-eating stereotype that is forced upon us, it does seem as if someone out there is looking out for us, and are wanting us to enjoy our time at Uni.  So here is a quick list of some of the most worthwhile investments you can make as a student that will make life that little bit easier. So thank you to those companies out there who are offering us students some help.

16-25 Rail card

Priced at £30 a year, or £70 for three years, this rail card guarantees you a 1/3 off every train journey you go on. Most off us who choose to move away from home will find that the most convenient way to travel too and from Uni is via the train line. So when you are in desperate need for someone to do your washing, or you’re just missing your home comforts, you can be safe in the knowledge that when it comes to booking your train (or trains) home, you won’t be damaging your bank account tooo much.

Student Card

I paid £12 for my NUS extra card and I think it paid itself back in the first two weeks. With your student card you have endless discounts available to you, and you can also get free food at McDonalds (it’s worth purchasing a student card just for extra fries). Most high street stores accept it, and it’s always worth just asking once you’re at the checkout. Restaurants such as Pizza Express will offer you a discount just by flashing them your card, as well as Odeon cinemas. It’s such a helpful card to have, and totally worth the £12.

Spare Phone

You should prepare yourself now for the inevitable event that one day your phone will leave you. Whether it gets left in the toilets on a night out, falls out of your pocket during a lecture or drowns in Lambrini during a pretty intense pre-drinks, your phone will suffer some damage whilst you’re at University. When my phone and I got separated whilst I was celebrating Halloween I was distraught. However, the next day I headed over to Tesco’s and managed to pick up a new one for only fifteen quid. Although it can only store twenty messages, it helped me contact people whilst I waited to see if my phone had been handed in (thankfully it had). But it’s worth having a spare phone for emergencies’, and now I put my sim card in my spare phone and take it on a night out, just in case.

A Hard Drive

Okay. So depending on what hard drive you get, they can be rather pricey. But what I kept reminding myself was, was what would be worse-loosing ALL my work, or paying that bit extra for a hard drive? It’s so useful and beneficial to have an extra back up of all your work, and I’ve watched one to many friends have near breakdowns over their laptops suddenly refusing to work. Also, it is really worth downloading DropBox (it’s totally free!). DropBox allows you to save your documents online, and can also let you set up shared folders with friends, so you can access each others work, which is great when it comes to doing joint presentations.

Amazon Prime

Another pricey one, but if you and a group of friends decide to split the costs and share the benefits then it shouldn’t be too expensive. Amazon prime guarantees you next day delivery, so it means if you decided at last minute to go to that Life Guard social you’re costume essentials could be with you the next day, all thanks to Amazon prime. It also means that course books that are impossible to find in the library can be with you in no time! Amazon Prime also has a whole range of movies, TV shows and Ebooks waiting for you to enjoy.

A Pair of Good Headphones

Uni can be noisy. There will be nights when you will be kept up against your will. If you don’t want to be disturbed by fellow housemates returning from a night out, or you don’t want to hear your male housemates midnight FiFA tournaments’ or you want to drown out all other noise in the library and focus on your essay, a solid pair of headphones will do wonders.

Cereal, Super Noodles and Tinned food

Basic. Classic. Can be kept in your room, and when all food in your cupboard in the kitchen has been used up, you can munch on dry cereal. It may not be a culinary masterpiece, but it will keep you going until you can be bothered to do a food shop.

This is a list that can be constantly updated, and everyone will have his or her own ideas of what constitutes as a good investment. In my mind a pack of rechargeable batteries for the X-Box controllers (meaning that FiFA can be played continuously) is not a worthwhile investment, whereas my male housemates would disagree massively with me…

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