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Summertime Sadness


I’ve already worked out that by the time I go back to University for my last term I will only have thirty-three days until I will be free for the summer. Only thirty-three days until I can have nearly FOUR months to myself; although I am forgetting that in those thirty-three days I do have four essays that need to be written, plus books and poems that need to be read… However, the idea of work and commitments within my remaining days seem of little importance when it comes to getting my summer plans together.

As I sit in my room, pretending that I’ve read the books on my reading list, my mind wanders to the promises of nights spent in beer gardens, going to festivals, travelling Europe, holidays, nights out; in these four months I will be able to tick off everything on my summer ‘to-do’ list, and it will be fantastic, a true summer to remember. However, in these summer daydreams I seem to be constantly having, I seem to also be imagining that my student loan will be covering me for the summer holidays too. As with most students, by the time term breaks roll around, whether that is Christmas, Easter or summer, we tend to find ourselves with a large and packed out social calendar ahead of us, however, a not so large sum of money in our bank accounts. Although you do not necessarily regret buying all those round of Jager bombs on your last night out with your Uni crowd, you somehow wish that the notes you so absent mindedly got out of the cash machine would somehow return there (along with your hangover).

When it comes to funding your ideas it is all about choosing what you really want to do with your summer. It is all well and good making all these exciting plans, but you need to realise that some of them may be a little unattainable (I will inter-rail around Europe one day, but I need to come to terms with the fact that it probably wont happen this summer).

The number one event on my summer list is to return to the festival that my friends and I have been attending for the past few years. I love going to festivals. I love the crowds; the environment; the atmosphere; everything is just wonderful. But when tickets start off around the £180 mark, plus costs travelling to the festival, as well as your essentials of alcohol and cereal bars, you’re already looking at an expensive four days, let alone an expensive four months if you want to fulfill other summer plans. For this reason, my friends and I are looking into volunteering at Festivals. By volunteering you get to go to the festival for free, and you only work up to twenty-four hours maximum in the four-day event, meaning you still get to enjoy the festival. By working at your chosen festival you also get to experience it from a different level, and go ‘behind the scenes’, which is always a rather exciting idea.

Although right now the idea of four months off seems incredibly appealing, it is in actual fact a rather too long expanse of time to just sit at home sunbathing in the garden. I’m lucky enough to already have a summer job lined up, and for that I am extremely grateful. By having a job in the summer means that you are guaranteed a little extra cash, a bit of a routine and still get to socialize with fellow work colleagues. Having a job is great, and it is always a good idea to keep having things to add to your CV. Although finding a job is a lot easier said than done, it is worth having a look if local shops and restaurants’ are hiring summer staff. Alternatively, places like center parcs or other hotels, are always looking for extra staff to help out during the changeover days, as summer is undoubtedly their busiest of times.

I suppose in these four approaching months I may have to read a book or two in preparation for my final year, but by the time summer rolls around, every year I find myself wanting to live out the cliché and have a “summer to remember”. However, when living off a student budget you have to try and make slight amendments to your plans. You could use these four months to tidy up your overdraft, as well as still finding ways to have a great time.

If all else fails, cat videos are still being uploaded daily onto YouTube, so if your plans don’t work out, your summer wont be a total waste…


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