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Revision Vs. Relaxation


Your suitcases have been unpacked (contents is now on your floor). Your bedroom is already a mess. Your pets have been forcefully hugged (and instagramed), and the kitchen cupboards have been ravenously emptied. But, most importantly the flurry of facebook messages have been sent round to your fellow friends returning from all over the country to your shared location, “When are you free?”, “When are you home?”, “We NEEEEED to see each other soon!”.

Unlike Christmas, Easter can be less family centric, and more friend-centric due to the reduced amount of pressure and tradition that befalls this time of the year. We can be elated in the fact that we have four weeks spread out in front of us in order to catch up on sleep, have meals cooked for us, and to be able to see our friends face to face, rather than showing our affection by favoriting their tweets.

It is only once you have completely filled up your days with the promises of coffees, catch-ups, meals out and movie days that you suddenly remember the dreaded ‘R’ word. You momentarily forgot that you left Uni, suitcases loaded with books and past papers, with the sole intention of coming home to revise for your summer exams, firm in the mind frame that there are no possible distractions at home that could knock you off your academic drive, right? You’ll be able to spend your days locked up in your room slaving over your battered copy of Jane Eyre analyzing who the real mad woman is (hoping it is not you), safe is the knowledge that you are being pro-active when it comes to your degree. But just knowing that your friends are now in the same county, even town, as you, is enough to stop you in your tracks. You throw your books aside, not even bothering to press save on the half made revision timetable currently staring at you on Excel spreadsheets (it was ambitious, but at least you made an attempt at starting work, or you thought about it at least). There are people to see, and besides, you will just work harder tomorrow….right?

It is tough trying to balance work commitments’ when so many other great things are on offer to you (despite having pennies left in your account you can justify the last of your loan going on a bus fair and a warm cider just for the company you know you will be rewarded with). Just last night my closest friends and I met up at one of our locals in order to have a reunion (it had been two months since we last saw each other, not sure how we got through it), but despite focusing on the weeks of freedom ahead of us, it seemed that we had all chosen to escape actually doing work by choosing to get together instead, and discuss how much revision we had, and who had the most amount of impending exams.  Although the discussion of work was daunting, we were all safe in the knowledge that we were all worried, therefore taking the pressure off a bit, because if everyone is scared then you become weirdly reassured that it is okay that you haven’t done any work, because by the looks of it neither has anyone else.

But, we can’t forget that the revision that we are shunning will actually be beneficial to us (I know, I know, I hate myself for saying it). So, do not feel bad if you have to respond to a facebook message letting your friends know that you might not be able to make today’s movie marathon of all the Harry Potter films as you have a date with Mr. Edward Rochester, and a mind-map that needs to be made, as well as a past paper to look at. Or, alternatively, keep all your evenings free. My friends and I have made plans that are all after 6pm, so that we have our days to work (or lie in) and our evenings to socialize. It’s all about finding a healthy balance, as it would be horrible to go back to Uni without having seen any of your nearest and dearest, but also awful if you returned just as unprepared for your exams as you were when you left.

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My name is Louise Burt, and I'm a twenty year old student in my second year at Loughborough University reading English and Drama. I have a keen interest in journalism, and am currently Features Editor for my University magazine

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