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Bechtel and Engineers Without Borders Launch Internship Competition

Winner receives four-week paid internship with Bechtel

Win a four-week paid internship at Bechtel, including time at one of its projects in this new competition run in partnerships with Engineers Without Borders-UK. Infrastructure is a topic that straddles many disciplines, not just engineering, so non-engineers are encouraged to enter.

Bechtel EWBUK comp


Africa is the world’s latest growth frontier. The continent’s collective economy has almost tripled since 2000, and average growth across the continent is expected to accelerate to 4.7 percent in 2014. Population is rapidly increasing and set to reach 2.4 billion by 2050.

African governments face considerable challenges as they tap their country’s natural resources to meet the demands of a growing population whilst minimising the impact on the environment and working to minimise or avoid the effects of climate change.

Increasingly, African countries are looking to develop comprehensive national infrastructure strategies that include harnessing and transporting resources and ensuring that city developments are financially efficient and sustainable.

The government of Gabon recently looked to Bechtel to help it develop the plans, systems, and infrastructure to meet the needs of its citizens. Today, the company and government are working together to drive a three-pronged strategy aimed at the sustainable development of industry, provision of services, and “greening Gabon” for the country’s economic and social growth. The master plan in Gabon focuses on mid- to long-term infrastructure strategies and include such major sectors as transportation, facilities, housing, and energy.


Bechtel will offer a four-week paid internship at one of its business locations. This will include time on at least one of our projects and may include international travel.


What you have to do

Please identify ONE country—any nation in the world—that has a specific infrastructure strength that contributes to that country’s quality of life and/or economic growth. You should research and analyse one area of critical infrastructure: water, energy, or transport for example. Explain how this infrastructure strengthens the country, how it can be implemented in a developing African nation, and explain why you believe it is a good case study.

Your response to the question should be the culmination of your research, understanding, and thoughts expressed through text, images, and diagrams. It must be formatted across two A3 posters and be explained in a short presentation.

Further details, T&Cs and the judging panel can be found here.

The competition closes on 27 April 2014.

For more information about Bechtel visit our website.

Photo Credit – Courtesy of Bechtel.

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