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A Decision-Maker

So your sat there with a cup of tea looking back at what you have been doing at university so far, how much stress you have been under and how much money you have invested or will be investing into this course. Let’s be honest, the last thing you want is to end up doing something completely different to what you were intending to do. For example studying a Media degree and leaving with a dead end job in cold calling. Sound familiar to what you were thinking?

Then let’s sort this before it sorts you. Starting to build your profile needs to begin now. No matter what subject you are doing, you need to build a strong reputation for yourself and back up your passion for the industry your heading into. However to do this you will need motivation.


A personal educational blog is essential. If you don’t already have one, sign up for one.  Personally I use Weebly, this is perfect because I can download the app and post when I am on the go. But you can just post at home if you need to be relaxed and concentrate. Considering your blog is about your course, post anything relating to what you have learnt each day, your work experience you have gained, contacts you have made, people you have met (even guests in your lectures). You should be posting at least once or twice a week, but the more the better. Being wordy can be a put off, so keep it minimal.

Gain Contacts

The best thing you can do at university is gain contacts, sometimes depending on what industry you are going into it can be who you know, not what you know. Lectures count as a contact as don’t forget they arrange a lot of events and for guests appearances, so they know their stuff! Even family members can be useful if they are in the right career. Be open on who you talk to! Don’t hide away, show off, show your skills. Attend employment fairs at university, they work a treat as various companies set up stalls and often ask to see your work, so be prepared!

Work Experience

Many  students moan that although they have a degree they have no work experience, so can’t get a job. In some cases, that is not an excuse. Again you need motivation, you can’t expect experience to come to you, you need to find it. First of all, create one outstanding cover letter, use online resources for help if needed. Then all you need to do is tweak it about to match each company you send it to. Write about your passion for this industry and your knowledge of the company. Even if it is just one day, experience is essential and as long as you have something to talk about your worth gold compared to others with no experience.


About the Author

Katie Pomfret Katie Pomfret

Hi, Katie Jade Pomfret here! Okay so currently I am studying Digital Media & Communications at Manchester Metropolitan University. At the moment I'm living with my boyfriend in the city centre where its easy to reach work, university and shopping of course! I love having my own independence. I'm also working part time as a Marketing Assistant at a security company where I basically update the social networking, blog, website, advertising, email and whatever else needs doing for marketing. I'm determined to build a strong portfolio for when it comes to graduating (another 2 years away). My dream job for when I leave? Having my own advertising company, with being a Marketing Manager as my back up plan. Photography is a good hobby of mine, I mainly focus on abandoned buildings, I love architecture.

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