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Final Years – Have The Time Of Your Life


It’s March, for a final year student you’re burying your heads in assignments, stressing about dissertations and prepping for those all important last exams. You may be wishing the time away, especially as the work piles up. However, for many final years, there’s only a few months left of your university experience and if you look past the work, you can still have the time of your life.

Now I may be playing devil’s advocate and I’m certainly not saying don’t do your work, but a student’s last few months are a whirlwind of emotions; the highs of handing in that last assignment and of getting that all-important degree result but also the feeling of saying goodbye to friends who are moving back home and the reality of leaving university life. That was me two years ago, and even though I’m firmly settled into graduate life I still miss being a student, and those all important discounts.

Time goes back so quickly, and before you know it, the end of May will arrive and thus the end of university. For many, university is a once in a lifetime thrill ride, and the first chance of independence for those that have moved away from home. University is a blur of nights out, hangovers, house parties, lectures, naps, and supermarket branded food. By final year you begin to lose count on the amount of day-time drinking in the sun, the amount of days camped watching TV box sets and the dozens of other standard student behaviour.

The point is, for final year students the end is certainly nigh; these next few months will signal the end and the start of your journey into graduate life. My advice is simple; have the time of your life and live the next few months to the full. If you consider a night out, but decide you shouldn’t because you have too much work – reconsider and get up early and fight through the hangover to do your work. Live by the motto of work hard, play hard and these last few months will be ones to remember.

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