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This is a personal message to my Mum. “I’m alive (despite my raging hangover), I’m eating (Sainsbury’s Basic Super Noodles) and I’m doing okay (If you infer ‘okay’ as showing up to lectures and not throwing up during them).

It’s very easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and bubble of Uni, thinking only in terms of what you might eat this week, if you’re going to go out and how you can justify not working (You briefly read that book in Sixth Form, you don’t need to re-read it). But, as shocking as it may seem to some, there is actually a world outside University, and it’s nice to make contact with it once in a while. Us students can be selfish sometimes, and think if it’s not centered on us, why should it be of importance? But give your family a message, and bring yourself back to reality a bit (If you don’t make first contact just think, they might comment on a photo you’ve been tagged in on facebook and everyone will see “Hey sweetie, looks like gr8 fun! The cats really miss you xoxo”)

Parents will worry about you, which is natural, and lovely, as although we all act so mature now that we have to look after ourselves (that’s a lie, students are massive hung-over children) it’s nice to know that someone is still checking up on you. So, put them at ease and make contact with them…and un-tag those photos that have just been uploaded of you on the Pub-Golf social as they’re not going to make it any easier for your ‘rents to sleep at night.

Of course it’s normal progression to move away from home, but just remember those that are still there (and who will hopefully do your washing for you when you eventually return). My housemate made his first phone call to his mum the other day, in order to ask her how to make gravy. These are probably the most common phone calls that are made, usually when you’re hungry and desperately trying to make some concoction of home-made style food, ”how do I make the pasta sauce you make with the sausage and stuff in it?” was another phone call I heard a housemate make earlier this week. Growing up and moving on is a gradual process, and I’m sure we will always need to seek the advice and help of others…even if that entails another of my housemates ringing his mum for the sole purpose of asking her to send him a book. Okay, so although all these requests to parents are still focused around us, and what we want, it still shows your parents that you’re dependent on them, and they will love that. But, it may not hurt to ask them how they are once in a while.

Although not everyone goes home during term time, it’s not going to kill you to remind your family that you’re all right. When exams, essays, freshers flu and money woes are getting you down it’s nice to phone home and have someone to tell you that you’re doing okay, and that things will work out. A phone call, or Skype chat with my parents will put me at ease on those days where I feel like things aren’t going my way, or when I’ve finally watched enough YouTube videos that my eyes hurt and I need a break.

I know that I wouldn’t be at Uni if it weren’t for the support of my parents. They took me to open days, encouraged me during my revision for my exams and supplied me with endless cups of tea, what stars. So, now that I’m nearly two years into being away from them, I don’t want them to think that I’m now no longer grateful for them giving me a caffeine addiction.

So, Mum and Dad, sorry if I don’t text you as much as I should, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s probably because I’m sleeping off a hangover or watching TV, aka having the time of my life at Uni.

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