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Revision Tips

With it coming to the final semester of university and maybe your most important semester with your final exams what’s the best way to prepare for them? The answer is to simply revise as hard as you can! But being a student and all, this can be extremely difficult? So here are a few revision tips to keep you going.

1)      My dad used to always tell me “Son, read your notes before bed, it’ll all sink in then” I don’t know the science behind this, but it does make sense, after all sometimes the old fashioned techniques are the best way forward! But with social media on the rise it certainly can be a distraction however, social media can be an advantage, as I describe in tip 2 and 3.

2)      How about making yourself a power point presentation? It’s just like being in a lab session. Although it’ll refresh your mind on your notes. Once made you can share it online using to classmates as well as other people who may find your notes useful. Or if you don’t want to make your own presentation, you can always find out what others have done online and use their notes to help you revise.

3)      Using social media you can create a facebook group with your classmates. Here you can share all your knowledge and questions to each other. The success in this is that the more you post when answering peoples questions, the more confident you become as you know the answer and you’re helping others at the same time. As well as this if you feel like you don’t know something you can ask for help or if you’re too shy to ask, (which you shouldn’t by the way, everybody needs help with revision!) you can sift through all the comments and post and hopefully you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

4)      Moving on from social media, Revision can be fun! (I know right, sounds weird) but if you integrate simple childhood games into your revision it makes things a lot easier. One game that certainly helped me was the memory game. It certainly does test your memory of your notes well Its really easy to make as well as all you need is two sheets of paper and some scissors. First draw a grid on one sheet and then jot down some terms/names/theories/words etc. Then on the other sheet of paper write down the definition/theory/quote etc from the set of words from the first piece of paper. Finally cut them out, jumble them up and match them up! The trick is to keep repeating this until you get every one correct. One wrong answer, then do it again! This way you’ll remember the correct answers and won’t make the same mistake when it comes to remembering that in your exam!

5)      Another great word game comes from a family board game. Articulate. This revision game is a lot more fun because you can learn and play with friends (woohoo!) For this instead of using the board you can simply just use DIY revision cards. On each card you write down four definitions or terms, just like the memory game, but you do each one in a different colour. Then shuffle them up, and distribute between your revision buddies. Each player has thirty seconds for the opposite player to pick a colour. Then the player with the card has to DESCRIBE what is written to the opposite player and the person playing has to name what they are describing. The one with the most correct answers in 30 seconds wins! So both people are being tested and learning at the same time.

So there you have it. Some fun and yet simple techniques that can trigger your creative side and your memory, all in order to make you have fun and do well in your exams at the same time. What’s not to miss!?

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