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How to live healthy on your student loan


Not everyone at university can fit in a part-time job due to their hectic timetable. While the extra cash would be great, there are so many ways to shop sensibly. So scrap the noodles and beans on toast, and say hello to a healthy 2014 on a low budget!

Here are some tips:

  • Compare prices for the amount you’re getting. Initially, shopping around is your best bet for food (or anything else for that matter). This will make your weekly shop more cost-effective. The best way to do this is to visit superstores which have a wide selection of products. They also have A LOT more offers, for instance the likes of Tesco and Marks and Spencer always have offers on meats and poultry such as 3 for £10! This also applies to buying in bulk which can significantly reduce your spending for up to 2-3 weeks by freezing and storing products.
  • Online shopping. If you can’t find the time to go from one supermarket to other, you can compare and shop online. Big supermarkets have about twice as many offers online than they do in store! However, the only set-backs are delivery charges so keep this in mind.
  • Avoid express and local supermarket stores. They sneakily charge extra for their products due to their ‘convenient’ locations, so avoid this as often as you can. Instead, have a browse around pound stores which are great for non-perishables such as tinned veg and soups. Home Bargains sells a wide-range of dried fruit, nuts and snacks from 29 pence to just over a pound – now that is a bargain.
  • Join The Gym Group. If you don’t enjoy exercising in your house or flat nor going for a jog in your scary student area, joining a gym is a great idea. However, university fitness centres have extortionate fees and usually tie you down to a minimum 6-month contract. The Gym Group is only £15 per month (with a sign-up fee of £20 plus £15 for the first month), is contract free and has chains all over the UK! If you want you can freeze your membership at any point or relocate if you’re moving elsewhere (extra costs apply). They also run fitness classes for those who need some extra motivation which is fab for during these winter months!

There really is no reason to feel as if you can’t afford to be healthy. Most of it comes down to careful planning and money management, so it’s really up to you about how you approach and spend your loan. ‘Live well for less’ is certainly a great motto. Thanks for reminding us, Sainsbury’s.

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