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5 Practical Ways To Get Your Job After Graduation


Starting a new life after spending a couple of years studying at school is not easy. Stepping out the portals of the University and entering the real world is a culture shock for most graduates. Many are struggling in the transition from school-life to work-life. But as a hopeful member of the workforce, you should not linger in this stage. You have to move on and face the reality – you need to get a job.

Finding a job after college is nerve-wracking. Many fresh graduates today end up either jobless or underemployed. If you don’t want to lead in either of these two destinations, better prepare and equip yourself with knowledge and skills needed for your job search.

* Develop marketable skills

First thing that every fresh graduates should do is to understand their marketability as a job candidate. In this tough job market, everyone feels like they are in a battle. Each candidate should prove their relevance to a career field. If you can’t do it, there’s no chance you will get on top of the game.

Most companies and businesses hire skilled and experienced people. If you are a recent graduate then you lack in this requirement. But do not get discouraged, there’s still hope. If you want to get a paycheck right out of college, you must show off your marketable skills. You must be good in writing, communicating with people, planning, and organizing workloads. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie as long as you are a flexible working individual you have a greater chance of getting hired.

* Maximize the power of solid networks

To obtain a visibility in the job market, you will need networks of people. You have to be well-connected with different people, particularly to those who are in the field of your interest. Why? Because it is not what you know, it is who you know that will make you get your dream job.

* Use social media as your job search strategy

Social Media can be an effective job search tool if you know how to used it properly. Take advantage of the Internet and establish a good online reputation. Most hiring managers look for social networking sites of the applicants as part of their background checks. If you have an active online presence and decent profile on your social media accounts then it might help you become more marketable.

* Highlight your past job experiences or extracurricular activities

Are you having difficulty in finding a job due to your lack or little real-work experience? Don’t make this a big deal because even if you have no real-life business experience yet you can still get a nice job through a well-crafted resume. You can include there your summer or part-time job experience if you have any, internships, volunteer works, etc. Emphasize in your resume the useful skills you got from your past works. Do not think that these kind of activities are of no value because this proves how capable you are in handling various works.

* Use some old-trick and be aggressive

For newbies or recent graduates, the traditional process of job searching is like this – apply for an entry-level position, write and submit a resume, ace the interview and get a job offer. This strategy still works at this time however there’s no assurance that you will get the job instantly. If you badly need a job after college then you must work harder for it.

Be aggressive in finding the job that suits your skills. Make a research about your prospective company and learn everything about the position you’re applying for. Put some extra effort in your job search. If you want it, you should do everything to get it.


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