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Uni Basics: 101


 Joining a society at university is never something I thought would be particularly important. Why would I need  even more stress at uni, I’ll already be having work to do, on top of all the banter and clubbing that goes on, on a 24 hour basis? Well, things aren’t exactly how you imagine them to be after all.

 When you’re waiting for your chance to start your amazing adventure at university, and whatever social media network you’re into to, is drowning in pictures of people you know having so much fun at uni where even brushing their teeth can lead to some sort of crazy adventure. Well, this is all lies. Of course there are fun times, some may say the best times of your life, but let’s be honest; a lot of it is filled with sleeping, and netflixing your way through countless TV series’.

 Which brings me to my next point, join a society. Of course everyone signs up for everything in sight during Fresher’s Week, enticed by all the free pens and bottle openers (which will immediately be lost by week two of uni). But I mean, actually stick to joining a society. There is no downside to this, something which I, myself, did not consider during my first year of uni. This is the time to go out, meet new people, try new things, before you have to enter the real world of work, so make the most of it; don’t be another stereotypical student, sleeping off hangovers and eating 11p noodles. Do something extracurricular, there’s no excuse not to, there are plenty of new and interesting groups, and you can even make your own.

 And just because you don’t sign up within the first week, doesn’t mean for the next three years you can’t be involved with anything. There’s always the opportunity to be able to experience new things, things that you may not get to experience in later life, so don’t let it be three years of wasted opportunities and last minute essays about topics you don’t understand because you didn’t fancy any of the 9 o’ clock lectures. University is more than just getting a degree, so use it to your advantage.

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I'm at the University of Liverpool, where I studied Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations for a year, but then decided to change course. While I'm on a gap year at the moment, I'm returning in September to complete a Law degree. Hopefully from this I can get into teaching Law at A-level. I also worked in a school in Spain, helping to teach English for a few months. In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends, listening to music, and jogging.

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