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Freshers Week for the Shy Individual


The first day of freshers week, as I arrive outside what would be my new home for the next 10 months, I feel mixed emotions of both dread and excitement. After living in the same house for 18 years, this would be the first time that I had spent more than a week away from my family and this was a daunting feeling. I open the front door to the University accommodation, locate my room and with the help of my Dad, move my belongings from the car to my room. I am the first to arrive in the house so I spend a few minutes moseying around when, without much warning, my Dad announces that he will now return home. The loneliness suddenly hits me and I begin to feel home-sick. I busy myself with unpacking my things, testing out the bed, loading up my laptop and testing the all-important internet connection.

I hear the first of my new housemates arrive with her parents and the excitement hits me. Who are they? What are they like? I cannot wait to find out, but just as soon as I am about to enter the hallway, my nerves get the better of me and I return to my laptop. A couple of hours pass and nearly all of my housemates have arrived and are sitting in the kitchen, right next to my room. My door is ajar so I can hear them talking and I am desperate to meet them. I take a deep breath and decide I have to leave my room. I walk into the kitchen, sheepishly introduce myself and lean against the kitchen counter with anticipation. The next few hours fly by as my final housemate arrives and we all spend the time getting to know each other.

It’s not long before the topic of the first night out arises and we began preparations. I open the one crate of beer I had bought that was going to last me the week (yeah right!) and begin sifting through my clothes for suitable attire. A couple of drinks later we decide to meet our neighbours. We move outside and I follow my new friends to the house next door. A group of eager freshers invite us in and again, it’s not long before I have made even more friends. As a larger group, we move from house to house introducing ourselves and making more friends. Eventually we move on to the campus club and the night disappears in a flash.

The rest of freshers week follows suit, with numerous activities organised by the University, time passes by at the speed of light. My Facebook friend list grows exponentially and my confidence with it. Before I know it, I have completed my three years at University, graduated and been in full-time employment for over three and a half years and still have regular contact my closest friends, those friends I met on that very first day of Freshers week. I now would not class myself as a particularly shy person, having contact with numerous strangers as part of my job, and for that I credit my experiences at University.

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My name is Mike. I graduated from the University of Kent in 2010 with a forensic science BSc (Hons) and have been working for a contract research organisation (CRO) since September 2010, as an analytical chemist. I have a passion for writing and due to this I am trying my hand at freelance writing.

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