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Finishing Uni – A Half Year Down The Line


Things have been strange since finishing university last summer, especially now the New Year has turned over and I realise there’ll be no uni at all in 2014. You think it’ll still be somewhat the same, but it’s really not. For one thing, I am now up at a regular time every morning and working in an office with people of all ages and in different stages of their lives, rather than being around other students. I also have so much more responsibility now as what I do actually matters to other people.

Another thing is nights out. I was one of two of my friends who even went to uni so now when I go out it seems somewhat more boring. The others have never had the crazy student life so don’t really understand, but it is again a very different experience, especially as I live somewhere with an awful nightlife. Bring back the fancy dress nights with 50p drinks I say!

Then there’s living at home again, which in some ways is nice, but in others horrible. I like being home and having girly shopping trips with Mum etc. and it’s also nice to not have to do all my own cooking and washing! But at the same time, having that independence just stripped away is a hard hit at first and you begin to find suddenly that you and the ‘rents like to do certain things differently.

Though things are working out rather well for me (What with having a new job as a magazine editor and finally having the money to do fun things), I sometimes sigh as I read statuses and flick through photos of the younger uni friends I left behind. I obviously couldn’t stay a student forever, and I wouldn’t want to be, but the real world is still taking a bit of getting used to. That’s just life I guess.

I’m not trying to put you off by any means, but you do need a dose of reality so you know what to expect. A lot of doors to new and exciting adventures across the world open after university, but just make sure you make the most of being a student in the short time you’ll be there and finish with a great degree and plenty of unforgettable memories that you can take with you into whatever else you end up pursuing. Because no matter what way you look at it, it won’t last forever.

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My name is Victoria Hydes and I am a journalism graduate from the University of Sunderland. I love to write pretty much anything, and am also creative in other ways. I love craft and photography and have an interest in fashion. One of my main ambitions in life is to write a successful novel. Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight so for now I’m volunteering as editor of a Lincolnshire magazine called Voxx and am also seeking a paid job, as I’m sure many others around the country are right now. Where will I end up? Who knows, but for now I’ll just continue to write and hope for the best!

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