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If there’s one thing everybody loves it’s a good film, but who would have known that we graduates could learn from them?  Here are 4 classic film quotes I’ve put in order of importance that could really teach us a few tips.

1)   “Nobody move a muscle”

–          Dr Alan Grant – Jurassic Park

Although originally said whilst being hunted by dinosaurs, in today’s world, its a dog eat dog world. Finding a job once you’ve graduated can be hard. VERY HARD! You could find yourself using your free time that you now have after graduating, apply for lots of different positions left right and centre, getting through to the next stages and not landing it in the bag. With all that effort spent job hunting you will find yourself exhausted. So why not take some time off, and not move a muscle. Enjoy the free time you have. Take breaks now and then and pace yourself. For example perhaps aim to apply for jobs once a week and use the rest of the week doing something you’ve not had the time to do before. Take up a new hobby or catch up with your long lost TV or book series.  After all once you successfully find yourself a job, you’ll find yourself with little free time and you’ll be wishing you had more.

2)   “With great power, comes responsibility”

–         Uncle Ben – Spiderman

So once you’ve found taken some time out and find yourself applying again, what’s next? Well before you start applying for jobs it’s important that you make sure ALL your social networking sites are in order. This is important because with the digital age we’re now in all employers can look you up on the internet and in a mere few seconds can find out something to change their mind about you.  So make sure your networking profiles are set to private or remove anything you wouldn’t want them to see. It’s also a good idea to boost your online profile. Start creating blogs or websites (with your name in the url so they can be found easily) to show case and build your LinkedIn account. Get as many connections from professionals such as past employers and your lecturers. The more you have the better you look and the greater opportunity to increase your profile via recommendations and endorsing.

3)   “Shaken and not stirred”

–          James Bond  – Dr. No.

After your clean up session online, it’s time to begin applying again. However you’ve got to think realistic. It can be very hard stirring the same skills and getting your ideal job and instead you might have to shake things up a bit. Start applying for different jobs that your skill set could benefit. For example guaranteed at University everybody has typed up a report or essay. There you go, that’s not one, but three different skills: Report writing, Microsoft Word, and Typing. So if you’ve got the ability to type, then you’ve probably got the ability to do some creative writing or type up a report. This could lead to publishing articles for a paper or becoming a project manager of a company. The sky is the limit when it comes to skills, so make sure you shake up your options.

4)   “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything”

–         Doc Brown – Back to The Future

Finally to end on a high note, just like the Mc Flys in Back to the Future, a happy ending can happen to you too if you put your mind to it and not give up.


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Having just graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester, with a 2:1 in Media Production BSc (Hons) I hope to begin a career within the media industry, or use my blogging and copy writing skills to help with a marketing position. Before I came to University, I had no skills or knowledge of media production. However once the basics were covered I soon found myself accelerating within different parts of media production. By producing creative videos for clients within and outside University, I was able to grasp my key skills in script work, story boarding, filming, editing, DVD authoring and publishing through new media online.

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