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When you’re at University, even three years in, it’s still a novelty to be able to do whatever the heck you want when you have no parents around so you should embrace it!

Since graduating 2 years ago, I moved back home and I miss the little things in life that I did when I was living away from home. Like being able to think ‘Yes! I will order takeaway at 4am and not get judged by anyone!’ and ‘Yes! I can watch a whole series of How I Met Your Mother in one night – I don’t need to sleep!’ so while you’re still in your little bubble of responsibility, make the most of it and follow these simple rules to check off the list of making the most of your time at University!

1- Turn up your music! There’s nothing worse than being at home and being told to turn down your tunes. Apparently your dear Mum and Dad don’t appreciate hearing Bastille at full blast… rude.

2- Eat what you want, when you want! When I was at Uni, my room mate Liz and I decided to watch back-to-back Tina Fey movies and order Domino’s. This might not seem out of the ordinary. We only ordered deserts off the menu! Bam! Can’t do that at home!

3- Get your friends round for a night in! Fair enough, your parents will probably allow you to have friends over, but for an all nighter or a flip cup championship night? I think not.

4- Take as long as you like in the shower!* Most University halls these days have en-suite facilities, so while you’re not paying for how much you use and while you don’t have family members to knock and tell you that they have to pee, lather up and take all the time you need!

5- Sleep in! As a student it’s totally normal to sleep in past midday. It’s probably weirder if you don’t! So embrace your ‘stay in bed’ card and sleep as late as you want while you can! There is no better feeling than going to sleep and not having to set an alarm – this doesn’t happen much once you’re out in the big bad world. Trust me.

So these are my tips on how to fully embrace being a student while you’re still at University. Now, Mum says I’ve got to go tidy my room…

*Worth adding that if you’re in a shared house at University, maybe find out about how you pay for your water before you rack up a water bill that may possibly get you kicked out…


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I graduated in 2011 with a BA in Journalism and Communications from the University of Central Lancashire. I spent my second year studying abroad in California and I really miss the sunshine! I'm currently working in retail while writing about anything and everything whenever I get the chance to (though my passion lies in music and celebrity!). And I'm doing this while saving up to go explore and hopefully work in Canada and North America in the near future.

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