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Resolutions are for life, not just for January


Having graduated in July, I entered the world of post-Uni life with the same naïve enthusiasm as everyone else. Throughout August, September and October I sent out endless applications, had a one week work experience and suffered a few rejections. Now rejection, I can take.

What I find truly disheartening is when my mail box stays quiet and my phone does not ring. I found that I began applying for jobs that I didn’t even want, and then felt worse when I didn’t get them! When November hit and Christmas felt imminent, I became lax with my job applications and decided to start again with a fresh perspective in the New Year.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it has been to re-evaluate my career aims and rediscover what it is I actually want to do. In the first three days of this brand new calendar year I have applied for four internships and have been asked to be a weekly contributor for an online London based magazine. My New Year’s Resolution, and now my motto for life is simple yet profound: make stuff happen. Happy New Year!

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Samantha Wright Samantha Wright

I've been studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Northumbria University for the last three years. My modules have covered everything from Shakespeare, to how to write a film treatment, with poetry and short fiction thrown in! I've always wanted to write and see my name in print and hopefully this is a step in the right direction!

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