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Working Temporary Jobs After Uni


After graduating in the summer, I found myself in the same position as so many recent graduates. I had no clear idea of what my perfect job was and certainly no clue as to how to get it. Applying to anything and everything even if I did not want to do it seemed like the only option at this stage. That was until I discovered the usefulness of job agencies. I went to register at each one where I live just to see if they could help me out at all. What I found is that they are a brilliant way to fill in that gap between graduation and starting out on your chosen career path.

I knew from searching the internet for jobs that my CV really lacked office experience. I had only ever worked in retail and this was not really enough to sell me to potential office-based employers. It was frustrating that to work in an office you needed experience, but I could not get that experience without working there in the first place. It is the old chicken and egg scenario. The job agencies that offered temporary placements were a perfect solution to this. I managed almost straight away to get a few weeks here and there building up my experience in that all-so-important office environment. At the same time as improving my skills, I was also paying off that overdraft I had become a bit too reliant on during final year.

I found that temporary jobs are completely different to permanent positions. The agency called me if anything came up and explained the job to me. I then had the power to say yes or no depending on whether I was available and if the job sounded like it would benefit me. There were no interviews; I just turned up on the day and did my best. At one particularly badly-run office I was able to leave after three days knowing the job was not for me. I explained the reasons to the agency and they simply began searching for other opportunities for me.

Just six months on, I have a variety of office experience and am now better able to advertise myself to potential employers. I have gained skills, knowledge and money. My advice? If you do not have a job in line and think temporary work might be suited to you, then registering with the job agencies in your home town, or wherever you plan to end up after university, is a great idea and could be the first step towards finding what it is you want to do.

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Katherine McKenzie Katherine McKenzie

I am a recent literature graduate of Royal Holloway University of London. I had three incredible years there and being part of the Gospel Choir society was particularly exciting. Now it's time to see where graduate life takes me! My ultimate aim is to combine my love of both writing and music into my career.

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