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If you’re looking to secure a graduate programme within an innovative, highly reputable company, then why not join two of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers. Jaguar and Land Rover bring together years of high performance, exceptional craftsmanship and revolutionary technologies, paving the way for future generations to continue to redefine what we know today.

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Graduate Programmes & Engineering

Engineering is where our inspiration, and yours, comes to life. Join us on our two-year Programmes & Engineering programme and you’ll be working right at the cutting-edge – utilising the world’s most advanced technologies in state-of-the-art facilities.

Enhancing our existing vehicles and shaping new ones, you’ll be challenged to use your creativity and push the boundaries in everything from design and craftsmanship to power and fuel efficiency. And you’ll make your impact in a huge range of areas, including body, chassis and electrical engineering, quality, testing and design.

Manufacturing Engineering

Innovative and pioneering. Since the beginning we’ve been committed to delivering the best manufacturing techniques in the world. Today, revolutionary technologies and innovative lean processes combine to meet our ambitious programme of new models and vehicle lines. Join our Manufacturing Engineering programme and you’ll spend two years immersing yourself in the processes and philosophies we use to create our world-renowned vehicles, and learn how we embed quality into everything from the construction of vehicle bodies to the application of crucial finishing touches.


Joining our Purchasing programme as a Buyer, you’ll take on a portfolio of commodities and handle challenges as diverse as the products we produce. From planning supplier strategies and managing relations to sourcing new products and analysing market trends, you’ll build up a knowledge of international markets and get to play a part in supplier deals worth £billions. Gaining a global perspective and sharpening your commercial edge from the beginning, it won’t be long before you get involved in sourcing and negotiating quality products and services from around the world.

Commercial Engineering

Commercial engineering ensures our teams – from Finance and Purchasing through to Marketing, Sales & Service – produce the incredible results that define who we are. Join our Commercial Engineering Programme and for two years you’ll develop the invaluable and expert engineering knowledge that ensures the continued success of each of our commercial business areas.

Specialising in one of three key areas, you’ll enjoy real responsibility and genuine global exposure from the start. Whether you’re building relationships with suppliers, delivering exceptional after-sales service or increasing growth in new markets, it’ll be the insights, expertise and perspectives you share that will drive our excellence.

Marketing, Sales & Service

Already admired in over 170 countries, we have ambitions to expand even further. And as we breakthrough into new markets we need to provide more customers than ever before with incredible, stimulating and unique experiences. Join us on our two-year Marketing, Sales & Service programme and you’ll be tasked with keeping our customers’ pulses racing.

Information Technology

Anticipating change, reacting to every business need and developing the solutions that keep our business running, we wouldn’t be where we are without IT. So join our two-year Information Technology programme and you’ll immediately find yourself in a position where you can make a real impact. You’ll start by building up a solid understanding of processes and systems across the function, before using your innovation and creative thinking to tackle complex projects right at the heart of our organisation.


Finance has always been crucial to our progress, enabling where we plan to go as a business. So join us on our two-year Finance programme and you’ll be working at the very heart of our organisation. Seeking out every opportunity for improvement, you’ll gain both commercial acumen and a truly global perspective as you get involved in projects as diverse as financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting and profit planning. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic role, where every idea you have and every decision you make will affect our entire operation.

Human Resources

To grow our business and bring our vehicles to life, we need the most talented individuals out there. Join us on our two-year Human Resources programme and your challenge will be to attract, retain and develop the very best recruits and create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Starting with us in of three departments – Employee Relations, HR Business Operations or Education, Training & Development – you’ll use your commercial acumen to take on a broad range of key activities, including developing training solutions, data analysis, coordinating HR initiatives and providing guidance on HR policies.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Embark on our two-year Supply Chain & Logistics Programme and you’ll help to plan and execute some of the most advanced supply chains in the industry. With over 1000 suppliers and 170 markets worldwide, the task is the get the right part, at the right price, at the right quality, at the right time. You’ll use your logic to meet the challenge.

Joining one of two key teams – Parts Supply Chain and Materials Planning & Logistics – real responsibility will be yours from the day you join us. From organising distribution of parts to ensuring delivery of our vehicles, you’ll use your strategic prowess and meticulous vision to make a significant contribution to our continued success.


Your journey will begin with a thorough introduction to both brands, followed by carefully planned development throughout the programme. You’ll work with industry-leading experts to develop specialist skills and you’ll be supported to gain professional qualifications and accreditation. At every stage, we will give you the encouragement and freedom to achieve your full potential, drive your own success and help build a legacy that will influence the entire automotive industry.

PR, Communications & Public Affairs

PR, Communications & Public Affairs is the voice of our rapidly expanding global business. Join us on our two-year Graduate programme, and you’ll play a key role in helping to deliver Jaguar Land Rover’s global PR strategy in over 170 markets worldwide.

Media-savvy and one step ahead, you’ll help drive conversation and ensure the exposure of our business across multiple channels in the UK and abroad. You’ll protect and promote our iconic brands, generating excitement for our premium products in all sectors. And you’ll make your impact on a diverse range of projects, from writing global press releases and managing relationships with the media, to working with creative agencies and planning world-wide product launches.


Undergraduate Opportunities

These include opportunities for, Women in Engineering, PR, Electrical Sponsorship Scheme, Programmes & Engineering, Purchasing, Property, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Engineering.


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