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The MUST-DO List for any Internship or Graduate Programme


Finding Internships or a Graduate Programme can be likened to searching for gold mines these days. This comes off the fact that we live in an era where the human resource landscape has become increasingly competitive. While the good roles are harder to find, securing the right work environment is more challenging than ever especially if one is to find a position capable of complimenting ones career goals. Hence, the need to make the best possible use of any of such opportunities that come our way.

As someone conversant with the ordeals of the job market, I say to anyone out there still searching to keep trying. While you are at it, don’t be too bent on the Fortune 500 companies. If a start-up or medium size company comes your way, go for it! In fact such companies have been proven to offer more valuable experience in terms of doing stuffs that count and do have a significant effect on the company’s value chain. The CEO is sometimes a door away from you. Imagine the exposure waiting to be tapped in that kind of environment!  For the privileged ones who already have an internship or currently part of a Graduate program, I say make the best out of it!

From personal experience and extended lessons around me, I have put together 5 essential tips that should be in your Internship or Graduate Programme MUST-DO list.

1.     Properly Understand the Value your company is offering to clients

It is quite impossible to represent a company or add value to an establishment without a clear understanding of how the value chain works. In your first couple of weeks, this should be your primary objective.  How fast you grab this chain will determine how much you are able to do or achieve during your program.

2.     Understand the Chain of Power and the Dynamics of each Department

As an intern or entry-level position holder, you often have to go through a chain of power in order to get your ideas up and running. To help facilitate this process, it is crucial that you do a quick and well sought out analysis of how the chain of command works in the company and within each department.

3.     Focus on the positives

As it is with any experience in life, there will be good but equally bad moments. No matter how difficult DOING this might seem, it is advisable to focus on the positives.  Focus on the knowledge to be gained and the progressive interactions that will come your way. Focus on the take-aways that can make you better in your next endeavor.

4.     Use your emails wisely

In any work environment, tasks are assigned daily. I advice you send a mail confirming the scope of your tasks and in the process establish a record for every assignment you are given. This would serve as your reference point should any issue arise. And remember; put your boss in copy of most if not every mail you send out. The Bcc and CC features are very useful tools for this purpose.

5.     Demand Feedback

In a means to improve your personal development, it is crucial that you make out time to speak to your colleagues and ask for areas in which you can show improvement. Not that they will be right on the money in their assessment each time but it is very crucial you get a different view of yourself asides the one you share.


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Aderounmu Babafemi fondly known as “Jaycrown” is a Masters in International business Candidate at Grenoble Ecole de management, France. He is an enviable Leadership product of Covenant University where he bagged his first degree in Information and communication engineering (B.ENG). He is a writer, thinker and aspiring author. His simple philosophy over the years is centered on the fact that “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”. He has an unlimited burst of energy and interest in business development and creating the next generation of successful businesses in Africa and beyond. He sees himself as a change agent, hence the need to get involved in the social economic development of his continent of origin. Impossible est rien mes Amis!

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