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Description: Every graduate wants a job that is ideally suited to their newly acquired skills, and human resources offers the chance to work in a range of environments.

For current graduates, finding a job you can start immediately upon leaving university is your first big challenge. Inevitably, there will be several people competing for each job, and it’s important you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

One way of doing this before you even submit an application is to make sure the jobs you go for fit the skills you have acquired. Think about how you would use your degree and any other skills you’ve picked up during your studies and find job opportunities that will allow you to utilise these.

An area which is always on the lookout for new graduates is human resources, where each position requires a clear set of abilities. Every company needs a HR team, whether it’s a brand new start-up or an established blue chip corporation.

This means that not every HR job is the same, and you can choose to target companies where you think the environment would best suit your personality and way of working.

Here are a few areas you may not have considered as a job option before:


If there is one thing every employee has in common, it’s that they all like to be paid accurately and on time. If they aren’t, they may start to feel less enthusiastic about coming into work, and their performance could suffer as a result.

As such, the payroll team has a vital role to play, ensuring everyone’s salary goes through correctly, that correct tax deductions are made and payslips are properly organised.

Credit Control

Most companies deal with customers or suppliers on a daily basis. It is down to the credit control team to ensure all outstanding debts are settled, both those owed by and to the company.

If this isn’t monitored, outstanding debts could cause friction in client or supplier relationships, potentially leading to lost business and damage to the company reputation.

Compensation and Benefits

Attracting the best staff should be a goal of any business, and a key element of this is incentivising them to stay with the company for a long period of time. No organisation wants to train up their talented young staff only to see them jump ship to a business with a better reward scheme.

The compensation and benefits team should monitor industry trends and ensure the amount of money employees receive remains competitive against rival companies.


These options may just provide the perfect starting point for your career, so it is certainly something worth pursuing on job sites and other recruitment avenues if you feel you have the necessary attributes.


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