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I have always had a job through my four years studying at Nottingham Trent University. In fact for my final year of university and my MA, I actually had two jobs! The jobs I had were never anything really stressful, as I was a waitress/sales assistant for pretty much all four years. I know some students won’t want to work during uni, or think that they won’t have the time ect. But I feel that working throughout your studies is a really good thing to do.

The main positive of working is of course some extra money. Because I am sure that you all know that you student loan does not get you very far! I think it’s good to earn some extra money, just to keep your head above water a bit more. I also think it’s good for providing structure to your weeks. As again the typical student lifestyle can be intermittent in terms of work load and university contact hours. Towards the end of my degree I was only in uni six hours a week, so my jobs really helped me to focus my work as I knew that during the weekend I wouldn’t have as much time to focus on my essays.  The most important aspect about working throughout university is that it looks great on your CV! It shows potential employers that you haven’t had huge gaps in unemployment, and that you are dedicated, organised and hard-working because you can juggle uni and working.

Of course, there are downsides to working during the weekends like I did. I didn’t have as much time to visit my friends as I had liked, and yes going to work hung-over is no fun. But ultimately I am glad that I worked throughout these last four years. My jobs gave me another focus in-between the mounting essays and books, and I worked for some good companies who gave me some great opportunities.  So if you are thinking of getting a job during uni, and think you can balance both working and your studies, I say go for it!

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I'm Bee and I'm from Nottingham. Last year I completed my degree in English Literature at Nottingham Trent University. I then went on to study an MA in International Fashion Business again at NTU, and I will graduate in November 2013. I hope to combine my English with my love of fashion and become a fashion journalist. My dream would be to see my name next to an article in a glossy magazine. But for now I am enjoying writing for Grads, and writing posts for my own fashion blog! Hope you enjoy my articles!

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