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Exercise for Success: Brain Power



Don’t have time for the gym because you are too busy with your work and other obligations? You’d rather finish up your work than go for a run or lift some weights, right? After all.. working out will only help you increase your bicep muscles and endurance and won’t help you be the best student, entrepreneur, or worker, right?

Actually, it’ll increase your brain muscles too… Necessary for all those who want to succeed!

Some people don’t realise just how important exercising is, not only for your health and muscles…but also for your brain!

I’ll never forget sitting in my 9th grade biology class listening to my professor, who was also my basketball coach at the time, tell us about how important it is to exercise after school or after studying. He vouched that through exercising after using your brain all day, more neurons in your brain would be made and more memory channels would be created allowing you to better remember, retain, and process the information which you learned about all day. Not only this, but also how exercising will decrease some of the stress associated with your studies and work.

Although I wasn’t sure if I believed him or not (now I can because of scientific studies..), I practiced what he said and started to incorporate a 20-30 minute workout session into my routine after studying for a few hours, finishing up my homework, or taking a break between a large amount of work.

Maybe 40-60 or so push-ups, with 20 squats, 20 lunges, 100 crunches…. Whatever I could think of. Just exercising, blowing off some steam, and apparently building neurons in the process which would help me become a better student!

Needless to say, it has definitely worked and now I’m a firm believer in the power of exercising.

1. Your Mind Needs a Break from Time to Time

You can’t constantly work all day without breaks and expect to be efficient and accurate the whole time. Your mind needs a break from it all (especially computers and phones) so when you come back you can refocus and be more efficient! Exercising just so happens to be the perfect break.

2. It’s Healthy

Not only will your studies better through exercising.. but so will your body, state of mind, and overall health. There’s no greater feeling than finishing a workout and feeling a state of pure euphoria and relaxation while all the adrenaline and endorphins in your body are kicking. Your muscles, mind, and overall health will thank you. Being healthy mentally and physically is of the upmost importance for whatever your dreams and aspirations are.

3. Discipline

Exercising forces you to become more disciplined as it can generally be hard to fit it into your schedule. Write down a schedule, organize your day, stick with the plan, and reap the rewards for your discipline inside and outside of the gym.

There’s plenty of scientific literature out there suggesting the positive benefits of exercising and learning nowadays… and I know from first-hand experience that it makes a huge difference mentally and physically!

Now get off the computer, get a subscription to your local gym, hit the studies, hit the gym (or make up your own homemade workout sessions), and succeed…! Your body and mind will thank you… and so will the beach!

By Danny Timpona @Danalyze22


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