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How To Create Your Own Work Experience


Every young person will tell you that the hardest thing about trying to get a job is getting experience- how can you get experience when every job and internship requires you to have experience?

Even if you have basically no idea about what you want to do in the future- and believe me, I didn’t have a clue until I finally got an internship- working towards experience is key. Making coffee in an office might prove that you have commitment and earn you some money, but it won’t so much develop your skills. In fact, the best way to get work skills is by doing things that you enjoy. For example, a lot of job descriptions now ask you to be involved with Facebook and Twitter. Almost everyone has their own personal pages, but that won’t so much impress an employer as appease them. Running and managing multiple Facebook and Twitter pages, however, will show that you take initiative and have some marketing skills, too.

I got hired for my first internship by telling them that I ran a blog which supported a gap in the market- at the time, I was suffering quite badly with an illness, so I set up a Tumblr in order to start a sort of forum with other bloggers to share my experience and help others who were sick. I’m sure everyone else who was interviewed for the internship probably ran a blog or a website at some point in their life, but they failed to mention it- my interviewers were impressed that I wrote in my spare time to a target audience, and hired me mostly based on that for a job in Communications.

The best kind of work experience is working hard at whatever interests you. If you’re great at doodling, learn some illustrative software and develop design skills. If you want to work in film, make some videos of your own and get them on YouTube.  If you want to work in fashion, buy a sewing machine. Society executive roles will also look brilliant on a CV if you outline the skills you’ve developed. Entry level jobs nowadays mean that you have to prove that you have an interest in your career, and the only way to impress an employer is to show that you are passionate, even if you have no formal experience to offer.

Experience is nothing to stress over. Everyone starts from somewhere and everyone has experience in some sort of area, whether they realise it or not.

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Jennie Ahern Jennie Ahern

Jennie recently graduated from the University of Essex with a 2:1 in English Literature. She is currently living in her hometown of Birmingham, and most of her spare time is spent reading and creating things. She has experience in Communications and is pursuing a career that allows her to put her writing skills to use.

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