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Preparing For A Skype Interview


You’ve sent in your CV and got a response saying they’d like to conduct a preliminary interview with you via Skype (or Google Hangout) – Great! But how do you prepare and conduct yourself throughout the interview?

Dress Smartly

Firstly and most importantly treat the interview as if you are going to an interview in person. This means making sure that you dress correctly and look the part. And don’t dress smartly from just the waist up as you never know what may happen in an interview and standing up with a suit or blouse with shorts or leggings won’t give the best impression!

Dressing smartly helps put you in the right frame of mind so if you dress beforehand (no last minute dashes to put smart clothes on) it’ll help you get into ‘interview mode’.

No Distractions

It’s easy to have your phone or tablet around you, or perhaps the radio on to help calm your nerves, but just before the interview make sure that it’s all out of the room or turned off. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to phone you in the middle of a question and get distracted! Make sure that you have the room to yourself and if you have housemates or family around tell them before hand so they don’t interrupt either.

If you do happen to leave your phone on and someone calls you, apologise to the interviewers and turn it off.  Whilst it may not be ideal to have the interruption keep calm and bring the focus back to the interview as soon as possible. Whatever you do don’t answer the phone to say you’ll ring back!

Make sure the area is clean and well lit

Dirty clothes don’t make the best impression if you have them hanging around and visible in Skype, and for some may show a lack of organisation skills to the interviewer. So make sure that you tidy up and there are no questionable pictures or items in the frame.

Lighting is also important for any interview so make sure that where you’re sitting is well lit and you can be seen easily so the interviewers don’t have to strain to look at you!

Mic Check

Make sure that all your equipment is working on the day. If you can buy a separate microphone so you don’t rely on the built in one from the webcam do so as it is beneficial for the interview. You want to be heard clearly and having a separate microphone will help the clarity.

Ask a friend or relative to check your set-up so that everything’s working correctly, from lighting to sound levels on your end. There’s nothing worse that fiddling around and having the interviewers watching you or worse having your internet connection drop altogether. Again you’ll come across as disorganised or even not committed to the position.

And have your CV and cover letter to hand. It’s OK to look over during an interview and to point out relevant information when answering a question.

Be Respectful

It may sound a little condescending to say be respectful, but do your utmost to be respectful. When you sign in and set up the connection just before the agreed time, wait for the interviewer to initiate contact with you. They may be busy at the time so wait until they are ready to begin the interview.

Conversely after the interview it’s wise to send a follow up email thanking them for their time, rather than contacting them through Skype, as it can be a bit intrusive, so email’s are more professional.

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