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The Perks of Student Accommodation



Ask anyone who has been to university, and I would bet my mortgage 9 times out of 10 of them would say their best experience was fresher’s year spent in student halls.

That might sound a bit surprising when you consider that it’s primarily a year of awkward ice breakers, sussing out how to use the washing machine and having a new appreciation of Aldi and Lidl. However, with the help of great student accommodation such as urbanest, great flatmates and a great attitude, it can be the best year ever. Here’s our take on why:

New independence

 It’s your gentle first step in the transition from living with your parents to living completely independently. You don’t have to worry about horrors such as council tax and bills (as most halls offer a bills-included payment plan), but still get to make toast in your undies (though probably not to your new flatmates delight).

Having your own space


You get your own desk and everything! Wahey! Ok, so it doesn’t sound so exciting, but knowing your little brother or sister won’t ‘accidentally wander’ into your room and make a mess definitely is. You also get the opportunity to personalise your room with furniture so ridiculously amazing,  you’ll wonder how your room ever coped without it.

Living with new mates

Let’s face it, being thrown into a relatively small space and being forced to share a kitchen and living room is a pretty good scenario in which to build life-long friendships. You get to experience all the new great stuff uni has to offer with people who are completely different from you, and whilst that might seem a bit daunting, it’s also really exciting. You’re all in the same boat, have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Getting to do what the heck you like


And whenever you like. (With literally only a couple of limitations). As long as you’re not doing (much) damage, you have ultimate freedom. This generally involves going out 5 nights a week, takeaways 4 nights a week and 72 hour box set marathons. Who was it that said student life was hard?!

Living in the heart of a city

Most student halls are located pretty centrally in town, or at least in a really cool spot with lots to do. This rare opportunity is one to be seized with both hands. Make the most of it as you leisurely stroll down the high street after a 5 minute walk, avoiding buses for a whole year. It also gives you the chance to explore the city properly, finding hidden gems off the beaten track.

Having the security of a support network

A massive plus of life in student halls is that you’re never far from someone that can help you if you ever find yourself needing it. This can be in the form of the 24 hour security they offer, and the security of knowing you’re surrounded by lots of students who have no doubt gone through what you are.

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Urbanest is student accommodation with a difference where everything is just that bit better. Every urbanest student accommodation in London has a community feel where students can enjoy a superb lifestyle with the best rooms, study areas and social spaces as well as a great support network which encourages them to meet people and even make lifelong friends. In short, hassle free, secure living in the most exciting and distinctive areas of London.

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