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5 Rare But Really Cool Professions You Can Get Today

An Auctioneer

If you do not want to be “like everyone”, you are welcome to choose a very unusual profession that will definitely make you different! Yes, no one will be surprised to know that you are a lawyer, a manager, or a doctor for example; but if you are a puppeteer or a decision-maker, you must agree that it sounds odd but so cool anyway!

Many students prefer choosing very rare and unusual professions today. Sometimes they need to go abroad to get them, but it is worth trying. Maybe such occupations look weird, but they are perfect for those young people who really want to get them! Here we have 5 strange but cool professions you can get at universities today.

An Auctioneer

An Auctioneer

Just two years are needed to become a professional auctioneer today. If you are interested, you are welcome to the university of Harrisburg, where you will be taught how to prepare and conduct an auction, what rules should be followed here, where to search for new goods, and how to estimate them right.

The courses of auctioneering include such subjects as “Audience Communication” and “The Preparation of Auction”.


The Beatles Specialist

The Beatles Specialist

Are you a big fan of The Beatles? Now you can become a fan with the university diploma! You must admit, that not every fan of John, Paul, George and Ringo can boast with a Master’s degree on The Beatles. To get it, you should visit the United Kingdom and enter Liverpool Hope University because it is the only educational institute that gives you a diploma where it will be written: “The Beatles: Popular Music And Society”.

What will you study? Well, first of all it will be The Beatles music’s influence on different aspects of culture and life, “Musicology and The Beatles” for example. It sound intriguing, does not it?

A Decision-Maker

A Decision-Maker

Do you want to help others make important decisions? Welcome to the university of Bloomington, Indiana! You will learn how to use mathematical models and analytical thoughts in order to solve problems of such spheres as IT, finances, management, marketing, and economics.

These courses are called a program in decision science, and students study such subjects as “Systems Simulation” and “Operations Research” for example.

A Pop-Culture Specialist

A Pop-Culture Specialist

If you like cinematography, magazines, comedies and TV, you will definitely like a “Pop Culture” profession that can be got at the university of Bowling Green. These courses give an opportunity to understand the modern culture and society with the help of different pop cultural areas.

After graduation you will have a chance to build a career in marketing, PR, mass media, and journalism. Such specializations as “You Are In Pop Culture”, “Pop Culture Investigation”, and “Introduction to Popular Film” are very popular among students, and there are many young people who want to get this profession.

A Puppeteer

A puppeteer

This is probably the most unusual profession in our list, which you can get at the university of Connecticut. Here they will tell you how to control puppets, how to decorate a room for performances, what costumes to choose for your marionettes, etc. You will know the construction of a marionette, the rules of lighting and scenery, and a performance itself.

It is possible to get both Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees here.



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