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I am a soon to be fashion MA graduate from Nottingham Trent University. I graduate next month, and even though I will look exactly like all the other students crossing the stage, I have a university secret. I lived at home through-out my degree and my MA. I’m sure this will seem unusual to most of you, but for me it was the best decision.  I enjoyed my time whilst being at NTU and I came away with a really good degree, and I honestly think that was partially down to staying at home. I know this will seem strange, so let me explain the benefits and how to survive living at home through-out university life.

  • Home comforts- The most stressful thing about university is moving away to a new city, and missing your family and friends. However, I found the transition relatively easy because I was surrounded by familiar things. I really found that this limited the stress which comes from such a huge change of adjusting to university life.
  • Saving Money- This is an obvious reason for staying at home. I was able to work, and save money which helped to fund some amazing holidays and trips on my summer breaks.
  •  Working- I had two jobs whilst studying for my degree and my MA. This was so helpful as I had some money to support myself, and also it was a distraction from university work when it all became too much!
  •  Cooking and Cleaning- This again is another obvious benefit when you still live at home! Of course I still helped out, but it would be very different if I was completely self-sufficient during uni.
  •  Future Education- I was able to complete my MA in International Fashion Business, because of the choices I made through- out my degree. If I had moved away, it would have taken me a few more years to save for my masters. Even though it has been a long four years, I am glad that I have completed my university education in one go!

So there are the benefits for living at home through-out University. But how do you survive this controversial university experience? Well my top tip would be make friends with people in a similar situation. All my friends at university still lived at home, and that way none of us felt left out. Another solution is to temporarily move out for your first year either in halls or for a course placement. This way you will still be living the ‘typical’ university lifestyle with the reassurance that you can move back home if you want to. Finally, my most important tip is to enjoy university and to complete it your way. It’s your decision when and where you complete your education, so don’t let anyone make you feel bad your choices. It’s your experience, so live it exactly how you want to. Remember there is no such single as a ‘typical’ university experience, so go out and enjoy the best three years of your life!

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Belinda Newham Belinda Newham

I'm Bee and I'm from Nottingham. Last year I completed my degree in English Literature at Nottingham Trent University. I then went on to study an MA in International Fashion Business again at NTU, and I will graduate in November 2013. I hope to combine my English with my love of fashion and become a fashion journalist. My dream would be to see my name next to an article in a glossy magazine. But for now I am enjoying writing for Grads, and writing posts for my own fashion blog! Hope you enjoy my articles!

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