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8 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd as a Graduate


GradQuiz is a completely new take on how you conduct a career search. By offering a two way process of selection and filtration, GradQuiz questions students on potential employers and then introduces them to the right career opportunities.
Signing up to GradQuiz will give your career the best possible head start, but what can you do to compliment this service? StudentVine has put together 8 easy ways to stand out from the crowd; take note of these and you’ll be in a great position.

1) Work experience


Whilst your at university it’s absolutely crucial to gain at least some work experience. One of the best things about university is the endlessly long holidays. But make sure these don’t go to waste by slouching in front of the TV. Preferably try and organise work experience within the industry you want to work in: this shows commitment and focus. Don’t forget however that even working at your local pub is worthwhile and can be used to emphasise strong customer relationship skills for example.

2) Bolster your CV

If you had a gap year prior to going to university or are considering one after don’t miss the opportunity to talk about it in interview – make sure it’s on your CV. It shows that you’re willing to explore the world and learn about new cultures and in an increasingly globalised world these attributes shouldn’t be underestimated.

3) Research, research, research


The most crucial thing to do when you’re applying for a job is to make sure you really understand what they’re about. Before you even get to the interview stage you should understand the company’s business inside out. GradQuiz can help you with this: its pages are full of useful company insights and application process help to really take the pain out of researching.

4) Know your skill set

What skills and experience does the job you’re applying for require? How do your skills match up with your future employer’s expectations? How can your skills best be utilised in the position you’re applying for? Knowing the answer to these and being able to talk confidently about them in interview will make you stand out from the masses.

5) Be smart


Not just with what you know, but how you present yourself. Dress to the appropriate standard. A good guide is to always dress slightly smarter than how you’d expect to dress day to day if you manage to secure the position. For men and women alike, a smart suit with decent shoes will nearly always make the right impression.

6) Have questions ready

For most interviews the standard format is for the interviewer to offer the chance to ask questions. So make sure you have some ready at this point. It may well be the case that you’ll come up with some during the course of the interview, but just in case your mind draws a blank, make sure you have a at least a couple of questions ready. Good examples of these are “How would you describe a typical day in your company?” or “What are the prospects for growth and advancement?”

7) Keep calm and carry on

Make sure you get to the interview early as there really is nothing worse than arriving in a rush feeling flustered. It isn’t too bad an idea to get there half an hour early or so, make sure you know where the interview is taking place then find a local coffee shop. Just make sure not to spill it over your nice clean shirt!

8) Smile

Last but not least, a simple smile exudes confidence and costs nothing!


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