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Finding the right balance between social life and studying


Trying to master the balance between studying and your social life is probably one of the hardest things to achieve while you’re at Uni. On one hand you have this new freedom where Mum and Dad aren’t keeping tabs on you and along with your flat mates, you want to do as much as you can; YOU’RE FREE!

And then on the other hand you are at university to get a degree. All those student loans and tuition fees aren’t there just so you can have a party for the next 3 years and mirror the lives of those on Geordie Shore. But the issue is how to you find the happy medium?

It took me until my final year to really realize what was important to me when it came to having a great social life on top of getting the best grades possible. Of course I wish I would have realised it earlier but I am glad I did as it is helping me manage the crazy workload of my masters degree!

What you have to really do is think long and hard about what you want to take out of university. Do you want a good degree to help you get closer to your desired job or do you want 200 new crazy photos uploaded on Facebook every week letting the student world knowing how wasted you were?

My best piece of advice on how to manage your social life and work load?


You’d be surprised how much of an influence one or two people can have on you. In my first two years of university I kept company that was all about going out, being crazy and generally just enjoying the nightlife. As a result of that my grades suffered and while the people around me showed little concern for me and my declining academic credentials, I realized these people weren’t really my friends. They didn’t want the best for me. That’s what friends do, they help you grow mature, they push you to be the best possible version of yourself.

When I started my final year I realized a lot of things had to change. The company I kept being the first on the list. Now at uni its not that hard to just lose touch with people because most of my friendships were based on the concept of going out and getting drunk. And when I stopped doing that I stopped seeing those people. It wasn’t that hard.

With those toxic people out of the way it really amazed me how much work I was able to get done without people constantly calling/texting me about coming out to this night club and guilt tripping me into going when I initially said no. I spent a lot more time at the library, which I loved a lot. I was able to get my work done and even made friends with people within the library who I’d see on a daily basis and we’d spur each other on to meet those deadlines.

And just like that, those people who I distanced myself from were replaced with people who had the same mindset as me and it helped so much. I also developed my time management skills. Not every night out was a must and not every birthday party needed me in attendance to make it fun. Its weird, things that mattered so much to me in my first and second year, going to the best nightclubs, having the best night ever, meeting the most people etc. It all didn’t matter to me anymore. I was coming to the end of my three years at uni and people tend to forget that there is a degree to study for.  Your lecturer won’t care if you’re the funniest, most popular guy on campus. Get the work done otherwise you wont graduate!

Don’t get me confused with someone who doesn’t like to unwind and have fun. Believe me I do! But when you’re at uni you have to really think about what you want to take from it. And if it’s a good degree and greater job opportunities then remember those birthdays are annual things and not going to one isn’t the end of the world. And that club promoter telling you that this week at Oceana is going to be the biggest student ever and you’d be a fool to miss out says that every single week.

Is missing one or two nights out going to really hurt you?

Course not.


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