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Throwing a Halloween bash on the cheap


Are you hosting a Halloween party at your flat and still don’t have your decorations? You’ve done the right thing waiting as there are so many cool DIY projects that mostly just use stationery and everyday objects you’ll already have anyway. Not only are you saving your precious loan money but it’s also a lot of fun and a great way to recycle. Here are some examples to consider.

Hanging ghosts and ashtrays:

  • You can make both of these things with one large coke bottle. Begin by cutting it in half across the middle.
  • Cover the bottom in paper with a spooky face drawn on and this can be used as a storage container or ashtray to keep the mess the next day under control.
  • The top can become a ghost with a sheet of kitchen towel, a pen and a bit of string. Drape the kitchen roll over the bottle, wrapping string around the neck to keep it in place and create a separate head shape.
  • Leave a long end on this thread to hang with. Then just draw on a little face and you’re done.

Toilet roll bats:

  • Bats can be made out of empty toilet rolls inners. Simply paint or felt tip the base black or cover with black paper.
  • Use more black paper to create wing shapes to stick to the back. Add a little face and voila!


  • Why spend a few pounds on a tiny little bit of web from the shop? A wad of cotton wool that has been shredded with the fingers will go pretty far and will look strangely convincing in the corners of your walls and ceilings.
  • Looking for something else big to drape on the walls or ceiling? Ripping up a black bin bag and hanging it up at each end is a nice extra touch that will not only look good but also encourage people to navigate around.

Milk bottle lights and bottle cap spiders:

  • Save your empty milk cartons and rip off the sticker, replacing it with a face of your choosing that can be drawn on in black felt tip.
  • Place something bright inside such as glowsticks or a torch for a subtle, eerie light.
  • The cap can be used too. Colour it black and add little legs with leftover black paper to create a spooky spider that can go on the wall or be hidden in a corner ready to creep out an unsuspecting victim.

Once you’ve nailed the decorations, the money you saved can go towards creating a killer playlist and buying snacks and drinks. It may just be a chance to dress up and drink but people will be impressed by the imagination and work that has gone into it. Plus, you won’t feel so cheated the next day when it’s all been ripped down.



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