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Good Old Careers Fairs!


College and Universities tend to drum it into your heads that they are very vital and to not attend them is a major disservice to yourself and your potential career prospects. And you know what? They’re right!

I’m sure the last thing on everyone’s minds now is Careers Fairs. You’ve just started College/University and you want to get that proper student experience, meet new people and get clued up on your subjects. That’s expected but sooner or later you will need to start thinking practically and plan for the future.

From my personal experience most Colleges and Universities run more than one career fair during the academic year so don’t panic if you miss the first fair because its more then likely they’ll be back at the start of the New Year. But that’s not to say to postpone going because you know they’ll be back. Yes, they will visit more than once but the help and offers they have won’t be the same.

I remember in my final year of my degree I went to the stall during the fair and enquired about graduate schemes and just by luck I ended up giving them my C.V and then they organized a telephone interview the following week. They also gave me pointers on how to improve my C.V and what things the recruiters were looking for in a candidate, especially in the telephone interview.

Now compare this with two months later when the same company came to the careers fair and because I told my friend how helpful they were to me, she was keen to go to the stall and receive the same help. When she went to them they took her details and gave her some reading to look through and told her that this year’s cycle had ended for applications.

That’s the thing; you have to act fast at these careers fairs. It’s the same principle when you’re applying for a regular job. You’ll have so many people vying for the same position and if you don’t act fast you miss out. That’s why I suggest that when you hear about a careers fair coming to your College or University that you go there as soon as possible because you never really know what you might come across . It’s a free service being provided to you so why not take full advantage of it?

You also get lots of help on interview techniques and get a greater idea of the company and what they are all about when you attend a careers fair. It really is a hot bed of opportunity.  I think one of the best things about careers fairs is that you can normally tell if the job or company is for you within the first 5 minutes of talking to the staff of that company. They will give you the best idea of what the job involves and what you are required to do or what kind of person they are after.

Careers fair season is slowly creeping up on us all so if you do hear of a careers fair in your area then go to it! The sooner you start thinking about where you want to end up career wise, the better. And it all really does start with attending a harmless little careers fair.

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