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‘This One Time At Uni…’


This one time at uni I was a model student,
You could even say I was rather prudent.

Then came the time when I worked with a group,
We ended up just playing X-Factor songs on loop.

It snowed lots one year and we made a snow bear,
He got knocked down though, it was so unfair!

On several occasions I joined a pub quiz,
Unfortunately I’m not much of a whizz.

In cultural style I went to a show,
Though only this year it seems so long ago.

On quite a few nights I sang with a mate,
These karaoke memories are still oh so great.

The best night at uni I dressed as Wonderwoman,
It’s safe to say that that night was a good’un 😉

One horrible night I slept on the floor,
If it wasn’t for my friends I’d still be scratching at the door.

It gets even worse when I gorge on cocktails,
The result is no less than a long string of fails.

In third year of uni I [accidently] started a fire,
The gloves that I burned ended up looking dire!

Most stressful was when I had a dissertation disaster,
I couldn’t have worked on it any faster.

Though my time there is over I just want to say,
I would not have had it any other way.



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Victoria Hydes Victoria Hydes

My name is Victoria Hydes and I am a journalism graduate from the University of Sunderland. I love to write pretty much anything, and am also creative in other ways. I love craft and photography and have an interest in fashion. One of my main ambitions in life is to write a successful novel. Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight so for now I’m volunteering as editor of a Lincolnshire magazine called Voxx and am also seeking a paid job, as I’m sure many others around the country are right now. Where will I end up? Who knows, but for now I’ll just continue to write and hope for the best!

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