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My Top Tips On Interviews


We all know how daunting interviews can be; we’ve all been there with sweaty palms and quivering hands. But it’s not all that bad! Here are some of my interview top tips which will help you through that important day:

If possible arrange your interview for early on in the day, that way you will have less time to worry beforehand and less time to stress about how well you think it’s going to go.

Do some research in to commonly asked interview questions and rehearse some answers, this way you will be prepared and already know what to say instead of panicking and saying something completely irrelevant. Think about previous interviews and what you were asked about. Common questions that I ask are – What can you bring to our company? What is your biggest weakness? What is your desired salary? What previous experience have you got? What would you do in this situation?

Make sure you research the company beforehand! This is vital as the interviewer will see that you have taken the time and effort to look into what they do, and what the role entails. Almost every company website has an ‘About Us’ page; here your basic research is already done for you. This will make your interview much easier as you will know more about the company and what it is they actually do. Asking additional questions about the company shows you are keen and have an interest in what they do.

Companies want to know what you will bring to the team if they hire you and a great way to demonstrate this is discussing key responsibilities and roles that you carried out in previous jobs. If you are being interviewed for a customer facing role, don’t tell them that you’ve never done it before think how you can relate it to your previous experience such as your weekend waitressing job where you interacted with customers and gained valuable customer service experience.

If you lack confidence just try to keep calm and cool while you wait for the interview to start. Take a chilled bottle of water with you (but keep in your bag during the interview), keep yourself hydrated and take long deep breaths to calm those nerves.

Make sure you dress appropriately for interviews, think of the type of company you are applying to work at and what they would wear – every company is different. Turning up to an interview in a revealing or inappropriate outfit isn’t going to set a good first impression to the people that you want to impress the most. Respect yourself and your image and wear smart clothes, what you wear shows a lot about yourself.

Don’t be late! Arriving late to an interview can give a bad first impression before your interview even begins. Arriving late instantly shows that you lack time management skills. Always arrive on time or a few minutes earlier, this will set the right impression, give you time to relax, take in your surroundings and prepare.

Remember each interview is an experience, if you don’t end up getting the job take the experience away with you and work on your answers and techniques for next time. You will get there!

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