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“Hey… I’m just saying ‘yes’ to life… ’cause… you gotta say ‘yes’ to life… I’m in a secret covenant… That sounded naughty!” While you’re feelings about the movie ‘Yes Man’, which this quote is from, could fall at either end of the spectrum I think there may be some merit to the Philosophy. Jim Carrey’s character in the movie makes a covenant to say ‘yes’ to everything he’s asked to do. While it doesn’t take long to see the flaws and downfalls, taken in moderation and good judgement I think it could be a good philosophy to adopt, especially, for your time at university.

I found at times in my own life and in many other people’s lives their default answer is no. You always call to see if they want to go to the pub, or a show, or on some trip and they say no. Sometimes the reason is legitimate, but often it’s out of a lack of motivation, anxiety or fear. I found the best way to get everything you can out of uni is to say yes to opportunities and experiences. I’m not saying take the pill some stranger is offering you or go out the night before exams, but if you have no good reason not to, (thinking you won’t be good at it or might not like it are not good reasons) then say yes and go for it.

In the library one afternoon I ran into a girl who at that point was just an acquaintance. She gave me an off hand invitation to go to Ireland with her and the rest of the group I had met during fresher’s week. I said yes and had an amazing trip. Those people became some of my closest friends at university. I’ve visited many of them at their homes across Europe and even gotten to see one on this side of the Atlantic. When we talk about the trip it always comes up that they weren’t quite sure about me. The girl who asked me was just being polite and never expected me to say yes, but I know I’m glad I did and I’d like to think they are too

I could give so many more examples of times where I took the slight risk of going on a trip I’m not sure about or hanging out with people I don’t know incredibly well and having it turn out amazingly well. Almost all of my favourite memories and best friends came out of those times. It doesn’t always work out and some times it’s not that fun, but I’ve always found it was worth the risk. So while your at university take the risk and say yes to new people, opportunities, and experience. “Say yes to life” and make some amazing friends and memories in the process.

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David David

In my undergraduate degree at Gordon College, a private liberal arts college in the United States, I studied and received a BA in psychology. I also took quite a few courses in history and theology as electives. I studied in Belize for a semester and in the UK for two weeks as an interesting way to fulfil a few of the core requirements for my undergraduate degree. I was also working at Eliza Corporation, a healthcare/technology company, during my undergraduate studies. When I graduated I was promoted and moved into fulltime position in their IT department. After two years of working there I applied and was accepted into a master’s program in intellectual history at the University of Edinburgh, which has been very interesting to say the least. I’ve been in courses covering anything from Epicurean philosophy to man and the natural world in the enlightenment. Currently I am finishing my dissertation, which explores the role of Thomas Reid’s Common Sense philosophy in James Wilson’s Lectures on Law. My plans for the future hopefully include a PhD and lecturing someday, but for now I’m looking to re-enter the workforce for a time before heading back to studying. It’s all a bit uncertain at the moment, but life’s an adventure and I’m excited to see what’s next.

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