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Welcome to the House of Horrors


Like the majority of you who moved away for their university education, I lived in student accommodation close to my uni for the first year, and I lived in rented houses with my friends for my remaining two years. When it came to moving into my first house outside of living in student accommodation, I was really excited. I was going to be living with three of my friends, and the whole thought of having our own place to live in was so exciting and full of potential. We found ourselves a letting agency, and went to see a couple of houses that they had available. Out of the two that we saw, we found our hearts set on one of the two, and immediately put our names down for it. We knew that was the house we wanted to live in, and as luck would have it we got it. Once all the paperwork had been sorted out and the house was officially ours for the year, we were looking forward to moving in and starting our second years at university living together in September 2011. We had fallen in love with this house, and as the day of our moving in got closer and closer, our excitement continued to grow. However, when it came to all of us moving in, we realised that what we thought was the perfect student house was not all it had originally made out to be.

From the second we moved in, the house we had chosen to live in for a year became an almost living nightmare. It started off with minor things. The house was not properly cleaned when I had gone to collect the keys and move my first few bits in, the porch door was a bit dodgy to open and close, and the fridge door handle fell off within about five minutes of living there. They weren’t brilliant things, but we could deal with them, and as long as they didn’t get any worse it would all be alright.

It got worse. As the months of living there passed, more and more things continued to go wrong, and they weren’t just minor things that could be easily ignored. Here is a list of disasters that took place in around an eight month time period of us living there:

  • Shower leaking into the kitchen light below, bit of a health hazard
  • Front door and porch door refused to open during really cold weather
  • The main light in my room broke after about a day of living in the house
  • A lock on one of my housemates doors wouldn’t work properly
  • Internet would refuse to work in certain rooms of the house
  • All floors had no underlay under the carpet, so if any of us fell over, it would make for a painful situation, and a huge bruise the next day
  • The loft hatch collapsing and falling open right into one of my housemates’ doorways. Thankfully, she was in a lecture at the time, otherwise if she had been walking through the door at the point this happened, it would most likely have resulted in a visit to the hospital
  • The decor was stained, cracked, peeling and generally old fashioned. The gas oven we used looked like something that belonged in the Science Museum in London
  • What took the biscuit though, was the area our house was located in. It wasn’t the most pleasant of areas to say the least, and I think the perfect way to get across to you the type of area we lived in was that about six months into living there, the church hall that was literally about a 30 second walk from our house played host to one of the weddings in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. I think that says it all, really.

Despite all of these nightmare situations that took place, we enjoyed our second year of university, needless to say it was quite the experience! Back then when we were living there, it was like it couldn’t get any worse, and was a complete nightmare. But now a few years have passed, I look back and just have to laugh about everything that happened to us in that house.

I hope that I haven’t scared all of you soon to be second year students witless about moving out of student accommodation, I can assure you that you will be just fine, and hopefully so will the house you will be living in! I think that in comparison to what experiences you will be having in your future homes, they will be a complete paradise to the house of horrors I had to live in for my second year of studying.

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Emily Peachey Emily Peachey

I am currently in my final year of studying a combined honours degree in English with Media & Cultural Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University. My hope is to become a journalist and writer after university is over, as writing has always been a great passion of mine.

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