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How Graduates Can Improve Their Leadership Skills


Ever wondered what skills make a great leader? Jason Jacobs shares leadership management company ‘Call Of The Wild’ advice on the key skills they believe will help you become a successful leader.

The Queen and Prime minister lead the country, a managing director is the leader of a company and a fashion icon is a leader in style. In society, we naturally follow those who take the lead, it can’t be helped! We respect and listen to opinion leaders with the hope of bettering ourselves.

As a graduate you have completed your education yet you are about to start training your skills. If you’re looking for a career then you will want to have the best possible CV and impress with your application. Hone your qualities and be the best you can be with graduate leadership development programmes.

Leadership is a valuable skill which is highly sought after. Companies are constantly adapting and a strong figure head is important to keep a sense of continuity. We look up to our leaders as a person of great authority and responsibility; they inspire and motivate, listen and teach. If you’re a leader of the future then take a look at our leadership overview and don’t forget us little people when you reach the top!

Boost their self esteem

Flattery can go a long way! We’re not suggesting you suck up or kill with kindness but simply make someone feel better about themselves. They’ll feel much more encouraged to work! Ask for advice even if you don’t need it. This will make an individual feel wanted and needed like you value their opinion. Drop a compliment in here and there and never ever forget their name!

Listen up!

Pardon? What? You may think you’re a good listener but the likelihood is you’re not. You may want to listen but just because you hear does not necessarily mean you have taken everything in. With added everyday distractions and looming deadlines you may have more important things on your mind. A good tip in communication is to stop what you’re doing or at least look at who’s talking to you. If you know you won’t remember a whole conversation then pick out key words or make notes.


Screaming at someone won’t get you anywhere. They won’t learn from their mistakes but simply remember you as mean and crazy. Being a people person is a valuable skill which will help you on graduate leadership development programmes.

If you have to discipline someone don’t tip toe around the situation, be up front about it! Don’t waste time; speak to the person in private and nip the situation in the bud. Try and be friendly but stern and set out what you want to happen in the future.


However efficient you are there are only 24 hours in a day and you only have two hands; you can’t do everything! A great quality of an effective leader is delegation. Don’t be afraid of what others think, spreading the load is a fair and even way of assuring work gets done and targets are met. Delegation is a requisite of good supervision. Although you haven’t completed the task you’re still responsible for it so don’t forget to follow up.

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