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My Summer didn’t go to plan and I’m happier for it!


This summer was meant to be one of the best summers of my short little life. At the end of 2012 I had been accepted at a camp in America to work for them within their IT department in the summer of 2013. This was a great opportunity for me as I’d just graduated so any degree related work was great but to have it in America? I couldn’t believe my luck!

From that point all roads lead to my amazing summer in America, I had paid the necessary fees and CRB checks etc and it seemed like all was in order for me to go… or so I thought.

The first sign that things were going so horribly wrong for me started in April when I was temporarily denied my work visa on the grounds that they needed to do more inspecting regarding my work/education. I was then told that my application was going to be put into ‘Administrative Processing’ (I swear after this summer I never want to hear those words ever again!) this meant I was put on a waiting list to see if my visa would be accepted. The panic begins.

As the days past and summer began there was no sign of my visa being accepted and soon enough the start date of my job had arrived. Though my boss in America was the nicest and most patient man I had ever spoken to, we both decided to cut our losses and admit defeat. It had taken too long to get my visa, they needed someone to fill the job position and it seemed pointless to carry thing agony on. And with that my epic summer of living/working in America was over.

Initially I was pretty gutted because I’d been so excited for so long to start the job and it was a once in a lifetime experience. To see it just go so easily after I worked so hard made it even more painful to accept.

But I thought to myself ‘I could either mope around the house all summer and play the poor victim or I could turn this into a positive thing’. With that I decided to set myself some goals as a way to both take my mind off of things and to make this summer worthwhile.

Now as summer slowly bids farewell to us once again I type before you a man who has passed his driving test and now has a nice pink license! I also set myself a goal of getting back into reading and have read almost 10 books since May. I have lost what seems to be 2 stones in weight as I’ve committed myself to going to the gym regularly and also I write for now =)

My summer was poised to be the best of my life because I went to America and worked but in some weird fate sort of way not going to America has been the best thing to happen. I have achieved so much and it’s taught me a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. And for that, this summer is definitely one to remember!

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Hey! I’m Yusuf. I’m a recent graduate in BSc Information & Communication Technology from DeMontfort University. As of Septemeber 2013 I will be studying my Masters in Multimedia Engineering at Nottingham Trent University. Though I’m studying in Technology, I do love to do some writing!

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