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My Eiffel Dream


Moving to France in the year 2012 was a significant milestone in my life. It was a time to finally catch up with my dreams of gaining credible international exposure and seeing what the rest of the world had to offer. I had my dreams in my head. I wouldn’t say I had a game plan but for sure, I knew I was going to France to mix cultures and visit places that fit perfectly with my time and spend constraint. Ask any tourist coming into France, the Eiffel tower is always on their top 3 must-visit destinations. As fate would have it, I was treated to my own fair share of history by becoming one of the many tourists that have had the privilege to visit this internationally renowned monument.


My lucky break came during one of the French holidays, November last year. I can still remember the anxiety and excitement on my face knowing I was going to fulfill my Eiffel dream. The walk towards the tower began with an exciting tour of the con men that played their tricks in groups en route the tower. It was also a perfect opportunity to explore the merchandise on sale and share the stage with tourists who were all going to get a glimpse of the monument with their “intimidating” cameras. Lo and behold, we reached the tower and finally had the chance to take photos and interact with other tourists on ground. It was indeed a dream come true. To wrap up an already inspiring Sunday morning, I caught a romantic glimpse of a couple who have come all the way in their wedding gears to take pictures using the historical background image of the Eiffel tower.


I would have definitely loved to spend more time but a pending departure meant I could only stay for a little while. Nevertheless, it was a significant experience for me, one that perfectly illustrates my mission and quest in Europe. It is almost a year since I made that remarkable journey and I still get a dose of nostalgic moments from time to time which I fondly share with my very good friend that hosted me on that visit. I still have my sights on visiting the Eiffel tower again. More importantly, I hope to experience new cultures in Europe and embark on more adventurous trips. We can never place the right price on the essence of mixing cultures. One of the major reasons I have been motivated to elongate my stay in Europe. I hope I find or build a source of livelihood buoyant enough to support my intention. Till then, I am still dreaming my dreams and working harder than ever. As time goes on,  my goal is to  go on more adventures, be around good energy, connect with people, learn new things, grow, make impact and influence my continent of origin.

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Jaycrown Jaycrown

Aderounmu Babafemi fondly known as “Jaycrown” is a Masters in International business Candidate at Grenoble Ecole de management, France. He is an enviable Leadership product of Covenant University where he bagged his first degree in Information and communication engineering (B.ENG). He is a writer, thinker and aspiring author. His simple philosophy over the years is centered on the fact that “the future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious”. He has an unlimited burst of energy and interest in business development and creating the next generation of successful businesses in Africa and beyond. He sees himself as a change agent, hence the need to get involved in the social economic development of his continent of origin. Impossible est rien mes Amis!

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