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As I await the beginning of my SCITT course starting in early September, I have been filling my summer with a few hours a week at a coffee shop, whereby my 23-year-old self is the oldest member off staff. So old, that I was the only one not receiving any grades this summer. However, I feel as though I have relived the fear and anxiety that comes with GCSE and A Level results through these other girls; but what scared me the most was listening to them talk about their choices.

Not so much the girls going to university, but the girls receiving their GCSE’s and choosing their A Level subjects. Sentences like ‘my mum and dad think….’ and ‘I’m taking …. because it looks good on a CV’. These aren’t phrases which should fuel your choices and your career path. Yes mum and dad might think you should take all three sciences but that won’t help you if you want to be a writer!

When I first applied to university I was going to do Law and my Dad was so proud and told everyone, when I eventually told him I didn’t want to do it he was very disappointed and some voices were raised. But not studying Law was the best decision I’ve ever made, I loved my course, and feel it has given me a great background for teaching, and my Dad is still proud of me.

Don’t pick subject because your parents think you should – they’re not the ones who will be putting in the hours! And don’t pick subjects because you think they look good, every subject looks good but for the right job, that’s why they’re on offer. Research what you want to do and see what subjects, skills and qualities you need for that role. This is your choice and it’s only you who will have to live with the consequences of not listening to yourself!


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Kathleen Kathleen

Hi there! I have just been welcomed in to the big bad world, graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in English Language with TESOL. I was very lucky to find work straight out of university however it was no way near my dream job, so I continued my hunt for something better. And the wait was worth it. I have now been offered a job at Newcastle Students’ Union as an Activities Support Worker; something I actually WANT to do! Being dropped in at the deep end (Fresher’s!) I await my start date and it can’t come quick enough!

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